Moving Forward

imageIt’s been an emotional week for so many and even though I’m a Brit, I could empathise with the uncertainty that a number of my American friends felt, regardless of who they voted for, particularly in the fact that the whole Brexit fiasco is still nowhere near to being resolved here. It’s the start of a new era, and even though that things aren’t going in the direction that I would have necessarily chosen, it’s clear that there are changes ahead. I’ve seen many inspiring and motivational messages over the last few days and, above all, I hope that unity and tolerance prevails. There’s only one direction in which we can travel – forwards – and I hope that we all, both over here and in America can do it together. Continue reading

If We Were Having Coffee #16

Coffee and conversation

If we were having coffee, I would tell you how upset I am about the ‘Brexit’ nonsense of the last two days, when the UK (or should I say, England) voted to leave the EU. I watched the results being announced from about 3am, and was genuinely gobsmacked – I’ve always been firmly on the Remain side and honestly thought that the Remain camp would triumph. It was carnage.  By midday, the £ had tanked and there was already talk of another Scottish referendum during which it is almost inevitable that Scotland will leave the UK (seeing as the entire country voted as a Remain majority). Our PM had announced his resignation with the only replacements being offered are the guy who has destroyed the education system and another who’s a bumbling idiot. The Leave camp immediately went back on what they promised about additional NHS funding. And to top it all off, Trump arrived. Great.

Of course, we’re a democracy, the referendum was poorly managed with misinformation being given on both sides, and therefore I have to respect the fact that we have to go with the majority. I just hope that whoever ends up in charge will have our best interests in their decision-making. For the moment, we’re a nation divided, the right-wing and nationalist parties across many countries in Europe are using us as a reason to call for their own referendums, and the arguments and stereotypes are still being thrown around. It’s going to take a while for everything to calm down. Continue reading