An Evening of Tapas at Byzantium


I love Tapas, so when I was invited to try out the menu at Byzantium Mediterranean Restaurant in Kings Heath, I was very much looking forward to it! I have visited the restaurant before, having been invited to the launch of the new Upper Room, but I thought it would be interesting to take in the atmosphere of the restaurant on a busy evening.

The Bloke and I were given an option of tables to be seated at, so we chose one in a quiet little room at the side of the main eating area. From the second we sat down, the staff were superb, particularly when recommending different dishes to have in order to achieve a more authentic experience.

We started with flatbread and dips – my expectations being that pitta-sized bread would be served. However, the bread that arrived was the size of an average pizza, and we got stuck into the selection of dips the came with it – Tsatsiki, Hummus and Zaalouk – all of which were beautiful. Continue reading