The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: An Amazing Blogging Tool!

imageLike most people I know, my phone has become almost an extension of myself. I use it to plan my day, keep track of upcoming events, keep in contact with my friends and family, blog, tweet, pin, stumble and share… and I’ll occasionally make a phonecall with it too!

However, the thing that is used the most on my handset is the camera. I’m obsessed with photography, and I’m always keeping a record of where I’ve been and who I’ve seen in the photographs that I take. So, when Three Mobile contacted me and asked me to test the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (which was only released last month), I was ecstatic, particularly so I could try out the camera function! Continue reading

Layers in London

This week’s Photo Challenge focusses on the concept of layers. I’ve used this photograph before, but I think it fits the challenge. I took this earlier in the year when I visited London.


Have a lovely weekend! Happy Blogging!

The Dark Side of the Moon


Occasionally I’ll attempt something new with my photography and every so often I’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results. Last night was one of those situations.

The Bloke bought me an amazing camera as an early birthday present. I’m not great with brands or numbers of these sorts of things, and as I don’t have the camera to hand all I can tell you is that it is a Canon Powershot S something-or-other (I can hear all you photography enthusiasts face-palming yourselves in the background).

Last night was quite clear and the moon was really bright, so I decided to test out the digital zoom capabilities. After a few minutes of getting nothing but a light blob in the middle of the screen I stood and waited to try and allow it to focus a little better, and this was the result. I didn’t use a tripod either! Yes, I’ve done a small amount of editing on Lightroom, but I’m really pleased with the end product!