The Super Blood Moon

The Bloke and I both love photography, so we were really excited about the Super Blood Moon that was expected to appear yesterday night. We had been checking the weather forecast all week, and set our alarms for 2.00am so we could set up in time to get some decent shots.

It was freezing outside, but we went out into the back garden. The sky was absolutely perfect – there wasn’t a single cloud and we could see everything really clearly…

It was a truly spectacular sight – I’d never witnessed anything like that before (being just a year old when it last appeared in 1982), so for a while I just stood and watched. Beautiful. Continue reading

The Dark Side of the Moon


Occasionally I’ll attempt something new with my photography and every so often I’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results. Last night was one of those situations.

The Bloke bought me an amazing camera as an early birthday present. I’m not great with brands or numbers of these sorts of things, and as I don’t have the camera to hand all I can tell you is that it is a Canon Powershot S something-or-other (I can hear all you photography enthusiasts face-palming yourselves in the background).

Last night was quite clear and the moon was really bright, so I decided to test out the digital zoom capabilities. After a few minutes of getting nothing but a light blob in the middle of the screen I stood and waited to try and allow it to focus a little better, and this was the result. I didn’t use a tripod either! Yes, I’ve done a small amount of editing on Lightroom, but I’m really pleased with the end product!