25 More Thoughts for the Day

A few weeks ago I created a post entitled ’25 Thoughts For the Day,’ which essentially was a collection of 25 phrases that I had collected from various memes and inspirational posters around the Internet. It was received quite well, and in a few of the comments that were given there was a request to do another. Unfortunately, sequels are invariably nowhere near the standard of the original, but I thought I would honour the requests and create a further list…

1. Don’t regret the things you did. Regret the things you didn’t do when you had the chance.

2. Life is too short to remove the USB safely.

3. Build your own dreams, or somebody else will hire you to build theirs.

4. With great power comes a great electricity bill.

5. You never realise how boring your life is until someone asks you what you do for fun.

6. Help a man when he is in trouble, and he’ll remember you when he is trouble again.

7. The best things in life are free. The second best things are very expensive.

8. A jealous person does better detective work than the FBI.

9. Having one child makes you a parent. Having two makes you a referee.

10. Unless life also hands you water, your lemonade is going to suck.

11. You can’t breathe through your nose with your tongue out.

12. You’ve just tried it, realised that you can breathe through your nose with your tongue out, but doing so makes you closely resemble a panting dog.

13. A whale swims all day, eats fish and is fat. A tortoise barely moves and can live for hundreds of years. Exercise fanatics: think on…

14. The chance of you dying on the way to buy your lottery ticket is greater than your chance of winning.

15. When nothing goes left… Go right.

16. Life is like a party. You invite lots of people – some will arrive on time, bring their own drinks and food, some will stay up all night, some will laugh at you, some will laugh with you, some will arrive really late. When the fun is over, some will help you clean up the mess, even though it wasn’t theirs.

17. Never trust a computer that you can’t throw out of a window.

18. Forgive your enemy… But never forget their name.

19. If you do not ask, the answer will always be no.

20. Do not let success go to your head, and failure go to your heart.

21. There are often three sides to a story. Yours, theirs and the truth.

22. If everyone is completely happy with you in life, you may have made many compromises. If you are happy with everyone, it is likely that you have ignored the many faults of others.

23. Life is like a bath – the longer you’re in it, the more wrinkled you are going to get.

24. If you love something set it free… Unless its a tiger.

25. And finally, this:


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My Favourites

I’ve been blogging for just over a year now, and in that time I’ve managed to produce hundreds of posts. I spent some of yesterday revisiting these, editing and deleting them, and I thought that it might be a nice idea to compile some of my favourites to share with you again, in case you may have missed them. Simply click the image for the link:


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Feel free to share, tweet, pin and repost any of these! As always, I’d love to know your thoughts! What are your favourites?

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A Dented Bucket List


I love Bucket Lists – lists of things that we wish to achieve/see/do before we die – and last year I spent hours creating the ultimate Bucket List that combined all the smaller ones that I have made over the years. I’ve made a good start on it too and have been able to cross quite a few things off…

However, I was inspired when I saw the idea of the ‘Dented’ Bucket List, created on the RawrLove blog in support of the much missed Rarasaur, who had suggested the idea herself. I decided to create my own – focusing on things that I would never deliberately see and do, things I never hope to experience and things that I have experienced already but would have been on the list. These are not meant to be judgemental towards anybody else and their lifestyles, they are based purely of personal preferences and are in no particular order.


1. Cage dive with Great Whites. Not even if there was money involved. Never. Ever.

2. Have to start my life again from scratch with almost nothing.   

3. Live through the coldest two weeks of the year without gas or heating under a duvet, with just 25 pence in my bank account.

4. Wear fur.

5. Attend a bullfight.

6. Do drugs. I’ve never tried any of them aside from cigarettes and alcohol because I’ve never had an interest to and never will – it’s something that has never appealed to me.

7. Buy and/or listen to Justin Bieber’s music.

8. See Justin Bieber in concert.


9. Go camping. 

10. Skydive. I have a terrible fear of heights and flying, and so the two combined are even worse. While it appears on a lot of Bucket Lists that I have read, it will never appear on mine.

11. Bungee Jumping. See number 10.

12. Lick anything from someone else’s belly button.

13. Complain about having a job. While I may complain about my workload on occasions, as most people do, I have never, and will never, lose sight of the fact that I have a good job and I am very lucky to work there.

14. Watch Twilight again. There’s two hours of my life I’ll never get back.

15. Eat boiled egg. Eww. The smell is enough to make me feel sick.

16. Spend the night in a haunted building. I don’t see the point in scaring myself for fun.


17. Be ‘too old’ to do something.

18. Lose sight of the importance of a good friend.

19. Perform on stage in a play. I have recurring nightmares about being in front of an audience and not being able to member my lines.

20. Make The Bloke wear a matching outfit, unless it’s fancy dress.

21. Get another perm. I looked like a blonde reject from an ‘Annie’ audition.

22. ‘Grow up.’

23. Pose naked. Nobody needs to see that. I envisage people running away and screaming ‘my eyes! My eyes!’…

24. Forget. Forgiveness is one thing, forgetting is a whole different matter.

25. Expect anything from anyone.


What about you? What would be on your dented bucket list? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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She Was There – Goodbye My Little Friend

Today, I lost my little friend.

I often see the phrase ‘I have no words‘ written after the death of someone important. I have plenty of words. Hundreds.


My Little Friend

From that very first day when she pushed against my hand at the RSPCA centre she has been a huge support in my life, the only constant that has been with me for thirteen years. She’s seen me through my graduation, she sat on my lap when I typed up applications for job interviews and she celebrated with me when I got them, she was there when I began new relationships, she was there when they ended, she was there during the highest and lowest points of my life. She has moved house with me six times, taking every move in her little stride. We’ve seen in countless New Years, birthdays and Christmas’s together. She would chase me around the house with her stuffed toys, her eyes growing wider just before she was about to pounce. She was there when my family broke apart.

She was there.

When others have judged me, insulted me, put me down and dismissed me, she has been the one thing that has never failed to greet me after a bad day and show me unconditional love. Every night, as I got into bed, she would lay on me and give me a kiss goodnight before retiring to her own little bed in the corner of my room. If I cried, she would jump up and push her head against mine. She was always an independent soul and made it perfectly clear when she wanted to be left alone (I have the scars to prove it) and right to the very end her feisty nature and her hatred of the other cats never waned. She was funny, she had a quirky little personality and could never quite establish a normal miaow, instead creating something that resembled more of a squeak. Her presence allowed me the confidence to feel safe on my own in the house at night. She was my little safety net in times of darkness, and made the happy times seem so much brighter.

Some may role their eyes and proclaim that she was ‘just a cat.’ To me, she wasn’t just a cat, she was my company, my confidante, my family and at times she was my only friend.

She was there. She was mine.

I was with her in her last moments. At the age of nineteen I know that she had a good life, but that doesn’t make it any easier. I did everything I could for her and I know that she was happy and loved, but I wish that I could turn back the clock and live it all over again with her. I want to bring her home and protect her. I want to feed her, play with her, cuddle up with her, talk to her.

What I don’t know is how I am possibly going to do the rest without her.

Goodbye, my little friend. I’ll miss you forever.

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Thank you so much for all the comments of support that I have received since publishing this post… Your messages have made me smile, made me cry and are helping me to come to terms with things. 


The kidney infection is back, it has spread to my urinary tract and I am off work until the end of the week. I’ve been feeling ill and constantly tired since being in hospital, so I had blood and urine tests done and it was a relief to get the results back as now I had proof – it has felt at times that those around me thought that I was putting it on.


My Little Friend

Wobbly is currently in the vets having a scan done on her stomach. I wrote about this a few months ago when it was suggested that she may have a tumour, but she improved and got my hopes up until recently when she stopped eating and rapidly lost a ton of weight.

I took her in at 8.30am and I have to wait until 2.00pm today for them to ring me. The waiting is horrible, particularly because my gut is telling me that I know what I have to do today if I get the results that I am expecting from them. At 19 years old (she’ll be 20 in a few weeks) I know that she’s had a long and happy life (she’s been with me for 13 years), so I have decided that I am not going to be selfish and put her through surgery, and I’m certainly not going to let her waste away just so that I can have a few more weeks with her. After everything that she has done for me over the years, she deserves better than that.

I’m distracted and don’t know what to do with the time. I’ve attempted to write several posts and have become disinterested quite quickly with them. I’ve tried to mark coursework but can’t focus. I’ve been for a walk to the shops. I’m half-watching Ina Garten instruct me on how to make a brownie pie, and I started searching around the web for interesting things to read, but I stopped when a horrific story of animal cruelty appeared – I can’t deal with that at the best of times and I’m certainly not in a place where I can deal with it today.

I’m completely lost.

Regardless of what happens today, I am going up to my mum’s house tomorrow for a few days. I need a break. I need to relax and sleep. I need to lie back and not worry about coursework, or house moves, or illness, or the fact that I’m going to lose the best friend I’ve ever had.

But for now, I’m just waiting…

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I’m Not Ready For Her To Leave Yet


The minute she was released from her cage at the RSPCA centre, she walked over to me and pushed her head against my hand.

“I want her. Definitely this one.”

Two weeks later she arrived at my house and after she had finished exploring she promptly settled down on the back of the couch and went to sleep.

Since 2002 this bundle of fluff has been my constant in life, my little companion that has seen me through the best and the worst of times. When my parents went through a horrific divorce, she was there. She greeted me upon my return home after I graduated. She sat on my lap as I typed my CV and cover letter for my first job application, and celebrated with me when I was successful. She has assisted in many a late night marking session by chewing my pens, sitting on my books and batting my worksheets around the room. She was there when I started a new relationship and she was there when it ended. She’s attempted to eat Christmas dinner with me on many occasions, grumbling at me when she’s been removed from the table. She’s cheered my family and friends up when they’ve visited and has taken great delight in waking my mother up at 5.00am just so she can have breakfast, thanking her later by vomiting on the floor. She’s killed many a stuffed mouse, has turned golden retrievers ten times her size into cowering messes in the corner of the room and makes sure that the other two know who is boss. She’s stubborn and she’s a grumpy old mare.

Most importantly, she had loved me unconditionally and without judgement, jumping on me every night to wish me goodnight before going to her own bed. She has never put me down or made me feel bad about myself, always greeting me at the door with a chirp and expectations of a cuddle. When others have left me, she’s never failed to be there to remind me that there are more important things in life. She’s my little friend.

The vet says that she’s ill. It could be a tumour, feline leukaemia or cancer, but we won’t know until she’s had further tests. This isn’t allowed to happen – I can’t protect her from this.

The fact of the matter is that I’m simply not ready for her to leave me yet…

Note: Please forgive me for the lack of replies to your lovely comments… It’s been a ridiculously busy time but I wanted to say thank you very much for being so supportive…

Why I Shouldn’t Be Left Alone on a Saturday Night


The Bloke has gone ‘oop North’ to visit his mother, so I’ve had the house to myself for the weekend. While I always miss him when he isn’t here, I don’t mind admitting that I was looking forward to spending a little bit of time alone – it has been quite a stressful couple of weeks at work and it was the perfect opportunity to catch up on some much needed ‘me’ time.

I started with good intentions – I did a bit of blogging, washed some clothes and met my best friend in the local pub for lunch. However, after consuming what felt like my entire bodyweight in veggie burger, I returned home with an overwhelming feeling of exhaustion and lost all motivation to do anything but lie on the couch and watch Columbo, which seems to still be a main staple of British television over the weekends. I fell asleep, and thankfully I had set an alarm on my phone to remind me to go and give Daisy, my diabetic cat, her insulin injection and then returned to my couch position, waking a few hours later. I worked out that I must had slept for about six hours in total and felt relaxed.

I decided that I was going to have a girlie night in, so I went to the supermarket and purchased various snacky treats to accompany a chick flick (yet to be chosen at this point) that would leave me feeling warm and fuzzy and happy with the world. The trip turned out to be quite an eventful one – a young couple were having a screaming argument, a middle – aged couple were kissing in the doorway, preventing anyone from getting past and forcing several people to cough and offer an awkward ‘excuse me,’ a man vomited on the pavement across the road and there were several young women who had obviously planned to spend their Saturday night in a similar way to me, their baskets filled with wine, pizza and chocolate. I live in a classy area, clearly.


Upon my return I temporarily forgot that I am 32 years old and decided to watch ‘A Walk To Remember,’ knowing only that it was a teen – flick. However, from the rave reviews it has received from some of my students I expected it to be a generic, cutesy film that would make me smile and finish with a ‘happy ever after.’ I was also swayed by the fact that it starred the lovely Shane West, who I have developed an appreciation for after watching him in several seasons of ‘Nikita.’ I then planned to have a hot bath and an early night to try and catch up on more sleep that I have missed over the last week.

How wrong I was.

At the risk of giving spoilers, there was no happy ever after and at the end of the film I found myself sobbing like a baby onto the head of a previously sleeping, rather disgruntled cat that had curled up on my lap. My expected feeling of warm and fuzzy had been replaced with a sense of temporary despair. I kicked myself as I swore that I wouldn’t do this to myself again after watching Steel Magnolias and flashes of the opening sequence to ‘Bridget Jones’ kept popping into my head as I realised that I was sitting alone on a Saturday night in my pyjamas, surrounded by confectionary wrappers and crying at one of the most depressing and utterly heartbreaking films I have ever seen.


Unfortunately, the marathon sleeping session that I had experienced during the day, combined with the consumption of a ridiculously high quantity of sugar resulted in me being wide awake, pretty much for the rest of the night. At 3.00am I gave up and put a DVD of Family Guy on, and this must have worked as my alarm woke me up at 5.45am, reminding me to go and inject the cat. However, after about three hours sleep I now feel more tired than I did yesterday…

Next time, the only film I’m watching will be Avengers Assemble…

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When I saw the Weekly Photo Challenge was about the idea of beginning, there was one particular photograph that sprang to mind, despite the fact that the quality of the picture is poor.

For those of you that have followed this blog for a while, you’ll know that I adore my three cats – Wobbly (yes, that’s her name, yes, I know it’s a stupid name, but it suits her – long story), Poppy and Daisy. Poppy and Daisy were accidental pets – I never intended on having two more cats.

At work another teacher informed me that her mother’s cat had given birth to three kittens and asked if I wanted one of them to keep Wobbly company. I thought it was a nice idea, so I asked if I could have the ginger one. The following day I was told that the ginger kitten had passed away and was offered the other two as a pair – they had grown really close and the owners didn’t want to seperate them. I agreed to have a look at them and so the teacher brought them round to my house.

In a heavy duty carrier bag.

I was horrified – they were five weeks old, which was far too young to be away from their mother, they had blue eyes, fleas and were in a mess. I instantly told her that I would have the two of them, asked her to leave and immediately took them to the vets. I wanted to report her mother to the RSPCA but there wasn’t any way I could get the details of her address.



The next few weeks were spent administering various types of medication, and these pictures were taken a week or so after they had settled in – the beginnings of chewed wires, stolen food, smashed plates, scratched furniture and legs, hairballs, vomit, 12 hourly injections… and a beautiful friendship that I can’t imagine ever being without. Daisy looked hilarious at first, closely resembling Yoda from Star Wars due to her enormous ears. Thankfully, she grew into them and they are both now happy and generally healthy cats (although Daisy has diabetes). Ironically, Wobbly hates both of them and often will refuse to go anywhere near them, despite the fact that she has lived with them for the last seven years…


Poppy at 6 weeks


Fluffy I am

I never spoke to the teacher again.

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Joy in 2013 – A Photographic Review

As this is the final Weekly Photo Challenge of 2013, the theme being ‘joy,’ I thought I would make it special. I already had written a review of the year and included some of these photographs, but I thought that it would be nice to do a photographic review of my blogging year too – these photographs have been taken throughout the year after starting my blog in April, with either the subject itself or the finished photograph that has brought me joy.


Wobbly surveying her territory, May


How The Bloke and I celebrated Eurovision, May


My sleepy little friends, May


The start of a beautiful meal with mum, June


The Bon Jovi stage at Villa Park, June


The London Eye and Houses of Parliament, July


Flats in London, July


A side street in Birmingham, August


A view of Birmingham from the new library, September


A bench in the park, November


The German Market, November


A day in the Spa, November


A stunning sunset, December


Moon, December


Wobbly is absolutely delighted with her Christmas present, December

I’d love to know what you think… Which one is your favourite?

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All photographs are copyrighted to Suzie81

Questions, Questions, Questions: The Response

question-mark-iStock_000003401233Medium-copyHere at Suzie 81 I host regular blog parties, which allow bloggers to post links to their sites, chat, meet new people and increase their traffic. However, a few weeks ago I decided to do something that was slightly different from my usual ramblings – I asked a set of seven questions and posted an open invitation for anybody and everybody to answer them, simply focussing on the idea of getting to know the WordPress community a little better. My following has increased over the last few months and I don’t get as much time as I would like to explore other blogs, so I thought that this would be a quick and easy way to find out snippets of information about bloggers, their sites and their interests.

I sent specific requests to some of the bloggers that I have been following for a while and waited for their responses, genuinely expecting just a few replies. My initial plan was to link everyone up, share my findings and highlight any ingenious responses.

Ever heard the phrase bitten off slightly more than you can chew…? This was the situation I found myself in with no less than 70+ responses to work through in just three days. Great, and at the same time… oh sh*t. Thanks to various reblogs, retweets and Facebook shares from blogging powerhouses I was inundated with answers, all differing in opinion, length and detail. Looking at each individual response to each question resulted in approximately 490 answers to read through. Wow. So, before I begin, I wanted to say an enormous ‘thank you’ to everybody who took the time to participate!!!

1. Why have you chosen your blog name?

Mr. Sugarbears is what I call my dog when he’s being good. It started as my Instagram name and now my blog name. ( mrsugarbears.com )

I remember the day that my blog name came to me. I was driving home from work and as I rounded the corner from my home I just saw the most breath taking view …. rolling green hills, cows in the pasture and trees everywhere; I was not in the valley any longer and then it hit me, my blog should be called “Valley Girl Gone Country”…..a California native moving to Arkansas of all places?? there had to be some humor in that….so that’s when this blog came alive. (Valley Girl Gone Country)

I wanted a title that gave the tone of what goes on in life and on my blog – both meandering and multifaceted. (Multifarious Meanderings)

“Artistical Intelligence” means ‘what art means to me’; to use whatever is considered artistical with a certain degree of ‘using one’s mind in order to come up with ideas for all kinds of illustrations’. And that’s a fairly complicated way of saying something what just means ‘drawing smart’  (Artistical Intelligence)

Reinvention is the stage I’m in. I’ve hit a wall in my career, my relationships, at a point where I’m figuring out how to make some changes. ReinventionofMama seemed a perfect fit. (Reinventionof Mama)

My blog name describes what I do – I run. I run around town, around the gym (on the treadmill), around work chasing people and I like to run in the park with my dog. I run around. (I Run Around)

I’ve always loved the word “serendipity” and the way it feels between my teeth. It’s a very satisfying word and it’s so me! (Serendipity)

This is funny actually, I love the song- through the trees from Jennifer’s body and when I started thinking about coming up with the new blog, all I could think of was this song, only I changed it a little to lanes. (Through the Lanes)

I chose my blog name because I am an artist, and I’m definitely on a journey! (tamberrinoartstudio)

My blog name used to be A Look In A Creative Mind. It’s still called like this, but you can only see it when you hit the tab “Blog” in my menu. When I started blogging, I wasn’t an illustrator. I was a student and I needed a creative outlet where I could focus on all the things I had an interest in. Which is a lot and because of this I didn’t have a real focus or specific goals for my blog. I wanted to write in English and share drawings, recipes or random observations. I figured a look in a creative mind would capture it the best. You’re literally getting a look in my mind and whatever observation I have to share. (TJLubrano)

I have always been a frog collector, so I knew when I started a wahm business the name would have to have “frog” in it somewhere.  but by the time I got myself fully onto the internet, most of the business names and domains featuring the word “frog” were already taken.  so I went to an alternate spelling, “phrog.”  I was using phrogprincess and leap phrog design in my business, so when I started my blog soon after having babies, phrogmom seemed appropriate. (Phrogmom’s Weblog)

iStock_000005793936Medium-solutions2. When you have an hour of free time, what do you do?

I ponder the great questions of the universe. (Yes I know the answer is 42!) The really pressing questions like: Is Swifty secretly a dominatrix? Why do I always get boogers after I cut my fingernails? And why in the world do we have white crayons? Could be worse, I could be watching reality TV. (Finale to an Entrance)

I don’t see any of my time as free time, but I also see all of it as free time.  The only planned-time event on my schedule is my 9-5 job.  Outside of that, I do what I want.  This includes (in no particular order): blogging, reading, taking long baths, watching lots of television, cooking, researching math theories, shopping for my family, playing with my cats, playing video games with my husband, having long windy conversations with my husband, playing board games, creating things, browsing the internet, playing with social media, having tea with friends, google chatting with far away friends, and supporting local artisanship. (Rarasaur)

Free time? My time is expensive, people. You want computer help, you pay! I don’t give my expertise away for free! That’s a lie. I do. Oh, I see. What do I do in a free hour? It depends on my mood. I might read (fantasy/urban fantasy/sci-fi mainly). Maybe watch some TV. Read blogs or post something of my own. I might watch TV and blog at the same time, but I never do anything else when I read. (draliman on life)

Well…. I suppose IF I had an hour of free time I would spend it um…. gosh, I just don’t know!  I schedule EVERYTHING!!  Even recently when I took up crocheting, I had to fit it into my schedule.  I suppose, if I could muster an hour to do anything I wanted, that wasn’t scheduled… I would enjoy sitting back and reading a great book.  No noises.  No phone. No children, dogs or husbands.  Just me, my book and a glass of wine…. sigh. Now I’m jealous of that chick in my imagination. Dammit. (WahmCat)

questions3. If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what would it be?

This is a difficult question to answer. If I choose any age prior to 33 I’d never know Baby C. If I choose any age after he’d never age past 2. I think I’m just going to abstain from answering this question because I love watching my children learn and grow too much to freeze the flow of time. Of course, if I can stop aging while everyone else gets older then I’d pick 25. That seems like a nice age at which to stop. Not too old and not too young. (Twin Daddy)

None. I like the progression of the years and growth. As I get older I’m more and more comforted by the things I learn daily that make my life easier. I’m just as content now at 61 as I was at 11. It’s all the same. (A Little Fluff)

I always believed that if I died and went to heaven, I’d appear as if I was 12-years-old. That was a good time for me. I never grew up with a high self esteem, and it was at that age where I really began to believe that maybe I was good looking. My fashion was jeans, floral design shirts, and I had dyed blond hair. I’d also just discovered the merits of hair gel. I was a cute little kid. (All Hail the Monkey King)

My current age mid forties is good. I still have a young child but also teens and college goers so I can hang on to mothering a while longer but have built in babysitters too. (My thoughts on a page)

Hmm… tough question. I wanted to say 17 at first, then I remembered that would mean being stuck in high school forever. Yikes! I’m going to have to go with 23, grown up but still pretty young. (Pray. Eat. Create & all that other joyous stuff)

Since I am quite young, merely a child, on the scale of life, I would say that this answer will probably be different in about 30 years or so. But, right now, I am happy with where I am. I don’t think I want to be one age forever. That would be boring, and I am most definitely NOT boring. I am quite “eccentric”. I want to live life as any other person would : to age, to learn, and to die. I assure you, my death will not be solemn. I will die happy. (AnnabellaTessoro)

4. If you could learn to do something, what would it be?

I would want to learn how to take photographs with an antique camera. I have an old Wirgin Reflex sitting on my shelf with no film in sight, and I don’t know how to make it work… (Finding Nemo)

I would love to be able to play the guitar. I could finally put my whimsical song writing to music. I know my refrigerator cleansing tune, Throwing It All Away, would be a hit. I just know it. (CaseyWasThere)

There is so much that I would like to learn to do most are creative like things like being a good photographer, being able to write well, play a musical instrument etc something that I think would enrich my life and have that creative edge to it. At the moment I as creative as a lump of BluTac. (Cognitive Reflection)

Ooo… I’d want to learn to do magic! The Harry Potter kind and talk to Unicorns (although learning to see them first would be a good idea) and to dogs too. (Heartsongs blog)

Play the piano. I had piano lessons when I was a kid but I was too stubborn to continue with it. Now I regret it. I would love to be able to play some of my favorite songs to my kids. (The Vanilla Housewife)

If I could learn to do something, I’d had to say I’d like to use my hands for more than just playing music. I’m a creative soul at heart, so I’d like to try my hand (pun intended) at wood-working. I joke with my siblings that in high school, I decided to pick up a guitar, instead of a hammer. Now I want to pick up the hammer. (The Musical Poet)

question-25. What would be the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery?

The first thing I would do if I won the lottery is pack in work, pay off my mortgage and anything else. Give money to all my family and there are any number of friends I would just love to be able to help out. I also have promised two fellow bloggers a share if ever I win. I haven’t forgotten! The one thing I’ve always promised myself I’d do is wrap monetary notes around stones and attach them with elastic bands then deposit them along my local Main Street. A little message attached would just say they were welcome to share my good fortune. I would love to see people’s reactions to that. I would get quite a buzz. I’d travel. A return visit to Greece, of course. Catch up with old friends. France. Italy. Australia. India. Egypt. New Zealand. Lots of places but those ones for a visit first. I’d take my kids out of school, teach them myself and let the world fill their education. I’m not really big on stuff. But it would be nice to be able to buy whatever I needed without thinking about the cost. Maybe a car whose battery light doesn’t keep coming on for no reason that anyone can discover! (Scottishmomus)

A wig.  Virginia requires winners to go public when they claim their prizes.  I would also get whatever other items I can to disguise myself as much as possible.  Then I would buy two, one-way tickets out of here for me and the kid (hey, guess we better get moving on that learning languages task). (Not a Punk Rocker)

A monkey. I mean, why not? Actually, if we’re being serious, I suppose it depends on how much I’m winning. Enough for a party with friends? Enough for my desired Kombi? Enough to travel the World? Enough to follow Dave Matthews Band on tour? Enough for a house at the beach? Enough to start my own business? Those things. The party first. Then a monkey. (Whimsical Eclecticist)

Money doesn’t do it for me. I’d be as happy buying a book as a car (Richard Ankers Writes)

Buy my own house, not even a large one just my own little sanctuary (Life, the Universe and Depression)

6. What is the thing that makes you absolutely unique?

My inner strength. I often underestimate it but not a lot of people can go through what I have been through. (The Modern Day Fairy Godmother)

Hmmm….I’ve been sitting here for about ten minutes trying to figure this one out. *brain cramp* I think there isn’t ever one thing that makes us unique, but rather it’s the combination of things that compose us. Without a doubt, I’m an odd combination of things—but for the life of me, I can’t think of one thing that makes me unique. Uh-oh. (The Girl Who Blogs)

I don’t really have an inner monologue, I always say… the thing I am thinking about. You could see it as talking without ‘a filter’. My thoughts just go straight out by voice or by keyboard when i’m writing about stuff. (fysiotim)

What makes me unique? I’m like everyone else, but my soul is my own (The English Professor at Large) – sorry, but the link doesn’t work to this site.

My DNA, Finger Prints, Memories, The love for my wife. (My Sore Soul)

What makes me unique is that God made me unique. I’m figuring that out and committing it to memory more and more as time goes on. I am unique, but it has nothing to do with what I have done to make myself that way. I’m an empty, flawed jar of clay. But I am blessed with gifts and traits that make me unique. Much like I am blessed with flaws and weaknesses that make me unique. Also, I make perfectly moist cookies and other baked goods. Like, oooey-gooey in the middle brownies. It’s a gift and a curse. (This Heart)

I am me. First child. Type A. People pleaser. Daughter. Sister. Wife. Mother. Teacher. Writer. Entrepreneur-wanna be. Book tour ready. Oh. Not unique? Well then, here’s something else. I have become more and more claustrophobic as I have gotten older, but I love to have really heavy blankets on me at night. I feel like I sleep better if the blankets are ‘pushing me down’ at night. I think it is also a subconscious way to decompress and wind down after multi-tasky spinning all day long. (mommyverbs)

For lack of better words, I march to my own drummer I guess. I don’t let other people’s opinions affect my choice or way of thinking. (Love from tara)

What my past did for my heart. (Oldest Daugher & Red Headed Sister)

questions_large7. What is your favourite blog?

Here is the cop out – there were so many blogs that were listed as favourites that I realised it would take a further few weeks to collate them all. The choices were wide and varied in content and I personally found quite a few new fabulous blogs that I have started following. Instead, I am going to be rather lazy and suggest that you check out the responses on the post. You may find a whole new set of blogs that you never knew existed!!

Phew! My apologies if your comment hasn’t been included in the post as yet – I am going to update this in the next few days to allow for more brilliant responses. Feel free to revisit the post and connect with lots of lovely bloggers!!

Hope you enjoy! Have a lovely week!!

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