The Best Children’s Halloween Costumes Ever


As I seem to be in the Halloween spirit, I decided to investigate some potential ideas for costumes. I came across this picture of a child dressed as Edward Scissorhands which I thought was just fabulous, so I thought I’d share with you some others that I discovered.

Napoleon Dynamite

ImageAnna Wintour – Vogue Editor

ImageBatman (pic copyright of themclellans.Flickr)

ImageChinese Take-Away Box

ImageThe Flintstones

ImageChief Brody

ImageSun Maid Raisins



Stay Puft

ImageHarry Potter


The Cutest Lobster Ever


Edward Scissorhands and the Queen of Hearts

ImageI loved all of these (although I must admit I was a little disturbed to see a few pics of children dressed as characters from ‘A Clockwork Orange’). They’ve certainly given me a few ideas!!