Hugh Jackman: The Man. The Music. The Show.


Hugh Jackman World Tour 2019*Warning: Spoilers*

Last night The Bloke and I went to see Hugh Jackman in concert at the Resorts World Arena in Birmingham. 

While he’s most famous for his role as Wolverine in the X-Men film franchise and Barnum in The Greatest Showman, his career was built by performing in various musical theatre shows and his world tour entitled ‘The Man. The Music. The Shows’ takes the audience through his life and influences as a performer.

It’s something I have been looking forward to since The Bloke surprised me with tickets a few months ago – I’m obsessed with The Greatest Showman and when we were in New York last year we missed him by about half an hour at the coffee shop that he owns, so I couldn’t wait to be in the same space as someone who has achieved so much and still, by all accounts, remains a down-to-earth nice guy who adores his family.  Continue reading

An Evening With Bon Jovi


Yesterday I was lucky enough to see Bon Jovi perform at Villa Park in Birmingham.

I’ve followed the band for years. In 1995 I saw them in Cardiff (with Thunder and Van Halen as support acts), in 2003 it was Wolverhampton, 2007 was in Coventry, 2011 was at Hyde Park in London (along with 80,000 others) and 2013 was in Birmingham. My friend AS and I try and go every time they come to the UK and I’m never disappointed. I can almost predict the running order of the concerts now – I know what songs will be at the beginning and as the encore, and I love watching the sun set throughout the evening. The atmosphere always changes and seems so much more exciting in the dark.

Last night’s performance was marred a little by the absence of Ritchie Sambora, who appears to have left the band, but the atmosphere was still fantastic. As always, the weather was glorious, which for some reason it always is whenever I go to their concerts.


I enjoyed their newer material – they could perform ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ as far as i’m concerned and it would still be amazing, but i always prefer the classics. I loved ‘Dry County’, ‘Bad Medicine’, ‘Keep The Faith’ and others, but for me the highlight was when it had just gone dark, they performed ‘Bed Of Roses’. It was a warm, clear night and the crowd were singing along. I experienced one of those ‘moments’ where everything was just perfect.


What about you? Do you see your favourite artists in concert?

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