Don’t Tell Gay People How To Mourn: Dominick Pupa

imageDominick Pupa posted this in response to the recent and horrific Orlando shootings at Pulse nightclub, which thousands of people have liked and shared. Facebook deleted it, so I wanted to share this on the blog. It’s rare that I will make social commentary, but this is an incredible message…

Us gays.
We make you look prettier.
We dress you for your important occasions.
We polish up your neighborhoods until we get priced out of them.
We plan and attend your weddings even though you take vows to an entity that hates us.
We are involved in every movie you see.
We are involved in every TV show you watch.
We are involved in every song you listen to – even the homophobic ones. Continue reading

Things That Will Happen When Gay People Get Married


If it’s a weekday, I will go to work. I will return home ten hours later, undoubtedly with a stress induced headache.

If it’s a weekend, I will laze about in my jammies, catch up on the blog and watch chat shows on television.

An enormous traffic jam will happen somewhere on the M6.

Someone will give birth.

Someone will die.

Mr Shouty Man will sit on the wall outside my house, shouting to himself before he walks to the park and shouts some more.

Old friends will meet for lunch.

My bus will be late and then three of them will turn up all at once.

Someone will be released from jail.

A teenager will disappoint their parents.

A parent will disappoint their child.

Someone will do something that they regret.

Epic movies will be made.

Beautiful music will be composed.

Someone will get finally get their ‘big break.’

I will lose my house keys.

A teacher will mark some work from at least one of their students.

Someone will pass their driving test.

A lovesick One Directioner will beg Harry Styles to follow them on Twitter.

Someone will win a game of poker.

I will burn my dinner.

Someone will dance around the supermarket to their favourite song.

A photograph will be taken from the top of a famous monument and shared on Facebook.

I will look at the flowery curtains in my living room with disgust, and vow to buy some new ones soon.

Someone will laugh so hard that their stomach hurts.

A teenager will Instagram a selfie in front of a mirror.

A drunken phonecall will be made to an ex at 2am.

Someone will inevitably be compared to Hitler after insulting Justin Bieber on YouTube.

My neighbours children, who live across the road, will scream and run up and down the pavement ‘doing races’ for hours.

Someone will vow that they are ‘never going to drink again’ after consuming their body weight in vodka shots the night before.

My cat will undoubtedly spend at least twenty minutes attempting to climb behind the back of the television before sitting on the back of the couch and sneezing on my head.

My other cat will fall asleep on her back, snore loudly and twitch her paws when she dreams.

Someone will hear ‘I Love You’ for the first time.

Someone will hear ‘I Love You’ for the last time.

Someone will lose their virginity.

Someone will get sunburnt after lying on a beach for too long.

My mother will take her dogs for a walk.

A tired student will pull an ‘all-nighter’ after leaving their assignment until the last minute.

Someone will achieve a life-long goal.

A child will meet their hero.

The world will turn, the sun will rise in the morning and set in the evening. The sky will be blue, or it will rain, or snow, or hail. The plants will grow. People will continue to live their lives as they always have.

Above all, if gay people are allowed to marry, then two people, be it two men or two women, will declare their love and commitment to each other. Their decision affects only them, and nobody else, and I wish them all the love and happiness in the world.

I’m proud to live in a country where gay marriage is legally recognised. Other places aren’t as lucky.

Enough is enough. Live your life, believe what you want to believe, love who you choose to love, but let others do the same without fear of persecution and condemnation.

And if you don’t like it? I’ll leave it to the ever fabulous RuPaul to finish the sentence for me…


Sashay… Away


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Image 1 credit: NY Times

A Proud Day To Be British

In May I wrote this article, questioning what all the fuss was about gay marriage. Today,┬ásame-sex marriage was officially legalised in the UK, and I couldn’t be more proud.
MPs cheered in the House of Commons as it was announced that the royal approval had been given to the new Bill, which means that same – sex weddings will legally be allowed to take place next spring.┬áThe Queen is the Supreme Governor of the Church of England and she gave her formal approval to the Bill this afternoon.
I’d like to personally pass on my congratulations to all the gay couples out there who can start planning their nuptials!!