10 Lessons Learned in 2015

Lessons learned in 2015

While 2015 is not yet over, one of the NaBloPoMo prompts from last week was all about lessons learned as a child. I, however, feel I have learned more in the last year than any other…

1. Life goals don’t mean anything if you aren’t prepared to work for them. Nothing usually just happens – a dream can only be fulfilled with hard-work, dedication, and often some level of sacrifice.

2. Taking the time to appreciate the little things is often more beneficial than looking at the big picture. While I’m lucky in that I have lots of things to look forward to in the future, I have learned this year to be more aware of a moment as I am living it. Hot bubble baths, cuddles with The Bloke and the cats, a great film, a well-written book or blog post, a beautiful meal, a funny conversation with a friend, a lovely view – they all add up to making an otherwise mediocre day far more special.

3. It is never usually possible to truly know and totally rely on anybody. In most instances, this is not a negative thing – everyone has their own lives and different priorities, and it is important to maintain one’s independence without putting expectations onto others. However, this year in particular I have learned not to rely on others being there, and not assume that I categorically know what someone else is really thinking and feeling. Continue reading

Ten Things That Teaching Has Taught Me

image1. I have more patience than I ever believed possible. As somebody who possessses a nasty temper when pushed, I’ve surprised myself by usually being able to remain calm and speak in a slow, positive tone even when faced with the most challenging of behaviours. Usually.

2. I am capable of adapting to unforeseen circumstances at the last minute.

3. I am never too old to be able to learn new things and develop skills, and I enjoy doing so. Continue reading

Five Things I Learnt Today


1. Regardless of the hours of rehearsal, one student will forget everything you’ve taught them when placed in front of an audience. 

2. There is such a thing as too much dry ice.
3. Pims and chips from the chip shop is a surprisingly satisfying combination. 
4. It is possible to be absolutely prepared for the day, only to realise upon your arrival to work you’ve forgotten the key component for making your preparation worthwhile – your laptop containing the PowerPoints and resources for all your lessons… 
And finally…
5. Regardless of how exhausting life can be, an immediate cure for the blues is a picture of a kitten in a knitted mushroom outfit. Whoever took this photograph, I salute you. 
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