No Day But Today

No Day But TodayA little while ago I was invited to see a production of RENT at The Old Rep in Birmingham. I’ve always been a fan of the music, having performed a number of the songs as part of a choir when I was at college, but had never seen the musical itself.

Since then, it has become a minor obsession. We watched (and enjoyed) the musical live on the Tuesday, then rented the film on the Wednesday, watched it again on the Thursday and then I went out and bought the DVD on the Saturday, and we promptly watched it again. I’ve owned the soundtrack with the original Broadway cast for years, so we have listened to it in the car, and there hasn’t been a morning over the last few weeks where I haven’t woken up with part of at least one of the songs going around my head in a loop. Despite the fact that I can’t relate personally to many of the themes in the show, there’s just that something about it that both The Bloke and I have connected with. It has become our thing, even though it finished on Broadway years ago. Continue reading

I Won’t Send Roses



I won’t send roses or hold the door

I won’t remember which dress you wore

My heart is too much in control

The lack of romance in my soul

Will turn you gray, kid, so stay away, kid


Forget my shoulder when you’re in need

Forgetting birthdays is guaranteed

And should I love you, you would be the last to know

I won’t send roses and roses suit you so


My pace is frantic, my temper’s cross

With words romantic, I’m at a loss

I’d be the first one to agree

That I’m preoccupied with me

And it’s inbred, kid, so keep your head, kid


In me you’ll find things like guts and nerve

But not the kind of things that you deserve

And so while there’s a fighting chance, just turn and go

I won’t send roses and roses suit you so


Taken from Mack and Mabel, written by Jerry Herman