An Early Christmas

The Bloke and I are spending the holidays separately with our individual families, so we had our own little celebration yesterday. We started by watching Disney’s Frozen at the cinema, (we have a collective age of 77, but we love a bit of Disney) followed by a trip to the German Market as it was the last day. The film was quite good – it has a little too much in common with ‘Tangled,’ one of my favourites, the fabulous vocal capabilities of the amazing Idina Menzel couldn’t save some of the mediocre songs and I found it a little odd that there isn’t really a main ‘villain’ figure, but it was enjoyable all the same.

When we returned home I cooked us Christmas dinner (I forgot the stuffing), and we gorged ourselves until we felt a little sick. As I come from a family that celebrates excessively with food, I find it extremely difficult to cook for just two people, and consequently our festive spread could easily have fed five or six people.

We then exchanged gifts, and as usual I was thoroughly spoiled – The Bloke bought me several books and a beautiful Pandora charm to add to my ever-growing collection.

We finished the day by watching ‘A Muppets Christmas Carol,’ during which I fell asleep.

A lovely way to finish a lovely day.

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