Do I have to?

Back to work tomorrow. Luckily it is only a training day so I have chance to get my head into work mode again.

After seven years in the teaching profession. I’m still undecided. It’s one of the most disrespected, undervalued jobs around, along with those who work in the NHS. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve complained about something that has happened at work to a friend, only to have them reply with “well, you get six months off a year”, which isn’t true.

I’m lucky in that I work in a school that is well organised and effectively managed by an excellent head teacher and a strong management team. My colleagues are fantastic, and I have a superb boss who is calm, discreet and an excellent role model. However, I have worked in places that aren’t as good, and the negative impact that it has on staff morale becomes quite all-consuming. I think the reason for this is because teaching requires the individual to care. Yes, there are teachers who do the bare minimum and who see it as ‘just a job’, but the majority of the staff are there because they see it as a vocation. Some of the teachers I have worked with have been in the profession as long as I’ve been alive. Continue reading