For M


What do you say to your oldest friend when she loses her mother?

I’m sorry.

I’m here.

Thinking of you.

Is there anything I can do for you?

I’ve searched the Internet for poems and quotes that may inspire me, but it all seems so patronising and full of cliche. I don’t want to talk about heaven, or the fact that she isn’t in pain anymore. I can’t pretend to understand how she is feeling right now.

J was a wonderful woman, and a wonderful mother. She was warm, kind and generous. She always made me, and all of M’s friends feel welcome, and we all loved her almost as a second mom. I could talk to her about anything, and did whenever I saw her. I remember her fabulous sense of humour, and how much she made me laugh. It was a privilege to know her, and I know that she’ll be hugely missed.

Love you lots x


I’m So Excited!


In the last two hours a post that I wrote a few days ago has gone nuts on Facebook. I wanted to submit this to the ‘Blog Her’ awards so after a few days deliberation I posted it to my personal Facebook page, asking my friends to share it around and tell me that they thought. I’ve never done this before… I started my blog last April and only a handful of people knew I had one…

The response has been amazing – it has been viewed over 600 times and shared over 200 in this short amount of time and still seems to be going!

So, to continue this rather fabulous moment and to finish what has been an incredible weekend I am posting the link again. Feel free to reblog, share on Facebook and Twitter and join in the fun! As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the matter!

Note: Since I have woken up this morning it has continued to be shared… It has been viewed over 1,000 times since last night and the numbers are rising again! Wow!

Why Being a Stay At Home Parent is the Toughest Job in the World, Written by Someone Without Children

I’m going to start this post by making a statement that some may not like.

I don’t like young children.

I’ve never been a maternal person. I come from a small family of four, with no additional relatives and so I wasn’t brought up with any younger children other than my two sisters. As I started to reach my 30’s I expected to feel the desire to become a mother that some of my friends claimed that they felt, but to this very day I have yet to feel anything but annoyance.

They’re everywhere.

While others around me seem to turn mushy when presented with a new baby, proclaiming how ‘beautiful’ it is, I am simply reminded of the ‘Cabbage Patch Kids’ that I had when I was little. Regardless of where I am and what I am doing, it always seems to be accompanied by a screaming child and it’s frustrated parents – shopping, restaurants, public transport, even the cinema… I have lost count of the amount of times my ankles have been battered by a pushchair or I have been woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of next door’s toddler having some sort of tantrum (although they’re lovely so I don’t actually mind)… Continue reading

A Weekend With Mum

After a few weeks of stress, hurt and upset I knew there was only one place I wanted to be this weekend: my mum’s house. I somewhat selfishly left The Bloke to deal with the boxes and cats and was on the train as early as possible on Saturday morning. When I arrived I was greeted by her three mad dogs, a cupboard full of my favourite food, clean jammies and a duvet on the couch. Max, the mad springer spaniel, joined me…


Despite being 31 years old I really needed her. She’s been a huge support and has waited on me hand and foot this weekend. She’s listened to me, comforted me when I’ve been a bit upset and offered some advice as to how to progress further. I ate her lovely home-cooked food, watched old films and slept lots…

She won’t read this as she doesn’t follow my blog, but I couldn’t possibly tell you how lucky I feel to have such a wonderful person as a parent.

I’m going to send her some flowers this week as a little thank you for looking after what has essentially been a snivelling mess… Let’s hope that this next week will be a little better!!

Time Spent With Mum

On Thursday I travelled ‘up North’ to visit my mother who still lives in the town that I grew up in, which is why I’m delayed in replying to all the comments I’ve received.

While I hate travelling long distances by train (screaming kids on every journey often make me feel stressed), there’s a certain point where I always get a little rush of excitement – the sight of the mast and Rivington Pike on the hills always lets me know that I’m ‘home’, even though I haven’t lived there for twelve years and my heart really lies a hundred miles away in Birmingham. 
I love spending time with Mum, and I’m very proud of the relationship that we have. She’s stopped being a parental figure and has become more of a friend – we’re very similar and can talk about most things. 
Upon arrival at her house I was greeted by her three manic dogs and I took my usual position on the couch. She’d been out and bought all my favourite food – ingredients for panini’s, cherry bakewells, olives, Peppardew peppers, cheese and crackers, tomato chutney, new potatoes, Seabrook crisps… I’d been thoroughly spoilt. We chatted, laughed, watched TV, ate some gorgeous meals (Mum is an amazing cook) and then this morning we went shopping, where I treated her to some new clothes and perfume. I like the fact that I can spoil her too.
I’ve spent the last few days enjoying cuddles with her three doggies too. They’re very cute, if a bit stinky as one has wind problems, but they’re very affectionate and love being fussed. She has three of them:
I’m grateful to have a mother like her that I can not only relate to, but I can thoroughly relax and enjoy myself. It’s common knowledge that is girls turn into our mothers, and that’s absolutely fine with me! 
Top picture credit: Wikipedia