Venom at the Odeon Luxe Broadway Plaza, Birmingham

I’ve heard quite a few positive things about the new Odeon Luxe Cinemas that have been opening all around the country, so it was a nice surprise when I was invited to watch the new Venom film on the premiere day at the Odeon Luxe Broadway Plaza with Westside BID. I was away from home last week, so The Bloke was more than happy to take my place instead. Here’s what he thought: 

We’ve visited the Odeon at Birmingham Broadway Plaza on numerous occasions and had rather mixed experiences depending on the film, screen and showing times. I was interested to see how the new ‘Luxe’ refurbishments would make a difference to the quality of the cinema experience.  Continue reading

Oscars Edition – Top Three


The Bloke and I adore films, our vice being the purchase of literally thousands of DVD’s over the years to the point where they are beginning to take over the house. We have certain films that we watch repeatedly according to day, mood and time – Friday evenings are reserved for action/fantasy, Saturday afternoons are great for rom-coms, Sunday afternoons are perfect for animation, and Sunday evenings are usually reserved for Asian martial arts (I’ve got a thing for Donnie Yen).

We don’t normally get the opportunity to watch the Oscars as it is shown into the early hours of the morning here in the UK, so to celebrate I have decided to create my own homage to the movie industry, and I would love it if you guys got involved.

To participate, you simply have to answer one question. You can do this directly in the comment box below or by creating your own post and linking it back to this. You can invite all your friends. If you wish to include a link to your blog with your answers, feel free to do so to allow other bloggers to visit you! 

My question to you is:

What three films could you watch for the rest of your life? 

You can simply list the films or you could give an explanation why you have made these particular choices. It’s a difficult question – I could easily list 20 or 30.

Here are my Top 3:

Carlito’s Way – tense, incredible acting and heartbreaking ending.

American Beauty – cleverly written, superbly acted, fabulous plot twists.

500 Days of Summer – a different take on the rom-com, with an unexpected ending.

I asked The Bloke this question and these were his answers.

13th Warrior

Kelly’s Heroes



I’m looking forward to seeing your answers! You can also find me on Twitter and Tumblr @suzie81blog.