Never Have I Ever…

Never have I ever ideas

My favourite drinking game when I was a student was ‘Never Have I Ever,’ although we simply referred to it as ‘I Have Never’ instead. The concept is simple, involving a group of people sitting in a circle with alcoholic drinks or shots in front of them. The first player makes a statement starting with ‘never have I ever,’ and the participants who have done what the first player hasn’t take a drink. It often starts quite slowly, with the questions being rather tame, but often after a few rounds it descends into debauchery with rather disgusting statements being thrown around the table and the more promiscuous (or biggest liars) of the group get rather drunk very quickly.

I was in the pub a little while ago, and the table next to me were filled with students who were participating in their own version of the game. Believe me when I say that I learned things about them that I certainly wouldn’t ever wish to know about another human being. However, in my own little random world, I started to think of things that I honestly haven’t ever actually done, and thought it might be fun to play a little blogging ice-breaker game with you, particularly as I have gained a number of new readers recently.

Before my regular readers start freaking out, this is a family friendly blog, so these are all things that can be kept within the PG rating, I promise.

Never Have I Ever:

1. Watched Back to the Future. It may have been Back to the Future Day last week, being the exact date that Marty McFly went to in the film, but that still doesn’t mean that I have any interest in watching it.

2. Been to a rave.

3. Deliberately stolen from a store. I accidentally walked out once without paying for a CD years ago but went back. I could have got away with it too – no alarms had gone off and nobody had noticed.

4. Played Call of Duty

5. Eaten a S’More.

6. Changed a lightbulb.

7. Travelled in a limousine.

8. Ridden in a gondola.

9. Blogged when drunk.

10. Done a bungee jump.

11. Dressed up as a Jedi, gone to my local supermarket and ‘used the force’ to open the automatic doors. (Random and pointless, but I saw this suggestion on Facebook and loved the idea)

12. Been to a festival. I’m a musician who has never been to a festival.

13. Read The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime.

14. Snorkelled, surfed or dived. I’m a good swimmer, but avoid going in the sea at all costs – I don’t like the idea of swimming around with things that could bite or sting, and sewage. Bleurgh.

15. Been skydiving.

16. Shot a gun. In fact, I’ve never even seen a real gun up close.

17. Drawn graffiti on a wall.

18. Skinny dipped. (Trust me, nobody needs to see that…)

19. Been fired from a job.

20. Got a tattoo. (I’d like one, but hate needles)

21. Taken Class A drugs.

22. Got a piercing that can’t be seen in the winter.

23. Deliberately eaten an insect.

24. Run from the police.

25. Toilet papered someone’s house. I have, however, toilet papered a person. Long story.

Here’s where you guys get to join in! How drunk would you be from responding to my questions? Have you got any Never Have I Evers to add?

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