Notes From My Phone…


My phone goes everywhere with me, to the point where it has almost (however pathetic it sounds) become an extension of myself. I use the note section almost on a daily basis, mainly to record potential blog ideas for a later date.

I was doing a huge update on it the other day, and as I was transferring lots of data onto my laptop I came across a whole bunch of these ideas that had been written down and then promptly forgotten. I can’t actually recall writing some of them, but I can certainly relate to the point of my life in which I must have written them:

Are students getting worse?

When me becomes we.

There’s an enormously comforting feeling in my home on a Friday night. It’s a warm and cosy evening, followed by two days of uninterrupted time. 

I know him! (Friends who have become famous and/or hugely successful). Continue reading