The Difference Between 20 and 30.

GrowingOldIsToday I found a grey hair. Now, this sounds ridiculous, as I’ve had random grey eyebrows for years, but when I found it I genuinely felt quite sad. That single grey hair confirmed everything I’d been noticing recently… I’m getting older. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I’m old in the slightest, but I’ve noticed that my opinions of life and how I live it has changed since I turned 30. For example:

1. Staying out until three in the morning is almost impossible, and if I do I’m guaranteed to not be able to move from the hangover the next day even if I’ve only had a small amount of alcohol. In my 20’s I could go out all night wearing six inch heels and an outfit the size of a tea-towel and feel reasonably fine the next day. I don’t want to go out to nightclubs anymore. Instead, I’d rather go to a nice bar/restaurant and be home by 11.00pm.

2. I have started to judge younger women if they wear trampy outfits – I actually found myself thinking “Put it away!” after seeing a random woman walk past the other day wearing a ridiculously high skirt.

3. I wear flat shoes to work, as my feet can’t cope with wearing heels anymore.

4. I keep putting my back out.

5. In my 20’s, I used to be able to eat what I wanted without gaining weight. After I turned 30, I only have to look at a chocolate bar for my waistline to expand.

6. I’ve recently started to enjoy music by Glen Campbell.

7. I detest Justin Bieber, One Direction and GLEE. I think that Dubstep and Drum & Bass is simply noise.

8. I love shopping at the supermarket. I can spend hours there, and get a kick out of finding good deals.

9. I found myself telling my students that I passed my GCSE exams without the use of the Internet, and that I didn’t get a mobile phone until I was 18.

10. My friends are getting married, divorced and/or are having children. In my 20’s they were just getting laid.

11. In our 20’s, me and the Best Mate used to discuss epic nights out and the people that we were attracted to. Last week we had a conversation about what product is the best for removing mould in the bathroom, and what fabric softener we use.

12. In my 20’s I had a job. In my 30’s I have a career.

13. In my 20’s I holidayed on 18-30 resorts. In my 30’s I like to go ‘somewhere quiet’.

14. Art galleries have suddenly become interesting. I can spend hours walking around museums and I genuinely enjoy the experience of learning new things.

As a teacher, I always feel a little twinge of jealously when students that I have known for years go off to university. I remember that feeling of excitement, uncertainty, and the thrill of having your whole life ahead of you with very little responsibility. I remember being carefree and excited about everything. However, I also remember having to fight for everything, work hard and have very little money to show for it. I lived in sub-standard housing with a sub-standard ex. I lived from day-to-day with no thoughts about the future.

As i’ve become older, my life is good. I have everything I’ve worked for, my opinion is more respected professionally, I know what I want and I am not scared to ask for it. My 20’s were spent building a life so that I can enjoy it in my 30’s.

Perhaps it’s not as bad as I thought. And there’s always hair dye…