A Spa Day…


I spent the majority of the day wrapped in a big fluffy white towel and lounging around next to a lovely pool. I’ve had a full back, neck and shoulder massage and my scalp is feeling lovely after having lots of lovely oils rubbed into it.

It’s my friend’s birthday and we decided to get some time to relax and pamper ourselves. We brought a lovely lunch with us, sat and read trashy magazines and talked lots of girly talk, that is, in between jacuzzi sessions!

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That Friday Feeling…


It’s Friday night and for the first time in quite a while I don’t have anything to do or anywhere to be. Of course, there’s always school and housework that needs working on, but tonight I am safe in the knowledge that the next 24 hours are my own. I haven’t got many plans – with my sister’s wedding, The Bloke’s birthday in a few weeks and continuing diabetic cat expenses, money is a little tight this month, so I think that I’ll take myself out for a run, wrap up The Bloke’s birthday presents, edit some wedding pics, have a good sleep and catch up with some much needed reading of some of my favourite blogs. I’m quite excited – I’ve been collecting a few bits and pieces for The Bloke for a while now, and while he hates the fact that he is getting older I always try and make a fuss, quite simply because he deserves it. I wish I had the finances to to be able to take him out for a fancy meal, but I will have to wait until I next get paid. He doesn’t know it yet, (and I’m ok to write about it on here are he doesn’t read it), but I’m going to try and get us tickets to see a show and then take him to a nice restaurant with a group of his friends from work as a surprise. It’s the little things…

It’s been quite an emotional few weeks, and I’m pleased that everything is beginning to calm down so I get the chance to regroup and relax a little. The plan for tonight is to watch Season 9 of Bones, cuddle up with the cats in my fluffy socks and take lots of deep breaths.

Hope you’re enjoying your Friday!

The Glorious Nothing Days


Hooray for the glorious nothing days,

Those rare and brilliant blank diary days,

Days when the cupboard of forgotten tat has its turn,

No birthdays, fancy do’s or fireworks,

No test matches or penalty shockers,

When there is nothing better than doing nothing at all,

When we find the time to potter and piddle about,

With the people that count,

The glorious nothing days are the best days

The cheese on toast days,

The days that matter.

Today’s inspiration comes from an advert for Anchor Cheese, no less. It isn’t often that I am moved by TV advert but when I heard these words I was in the middle of marking hell and I desperately wanted a break. Today is my glorious nothing day. I am going to potter and piddle about in the beautiful weather and appreciate every minute of it. I hope you all have a beautiful day…

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Done, Done and Done

ImageI’m feeling a little delicate this morning. It could be due to the annual Christmas teacher flu that I always develop on the first day of the holidays. More likely, however, it’s because I consumed quite a large amount of alcohol last night at the staff party.

It was a really nice evening – my friend and I were on a table with the canteen staff, who are hilarious, and so we spent most of the meal in hysterical fits of laughter. Everyone looked very glamorous, the food was beautiful and after some initial reluctance most of us spent the rest of the evening dancing the night away to party classics from the 1970’s and 1980’s. At one point the Principal sat next to me to say hello and I’m a little concerned that I may have been slurring when I was speaking with her, but other than that I made it through the night relatively unscathed.

ImageWhen I got up this morning I decided to get everything finished off in preparation for the next few days. The Bloke and I are spending Christmas seperately with our own families so tomorrow we are going to have our own little celebration at home. We are going to start the day by opening our presents, then we plan to watch Disney’s ‘Frozen’ at the cinema, visit the German Market as it is the last day and then when we get back I am going to cook a nice two course meal. I would normally do three, but the children at work have been very generous and I have been swamped with enormous amounts of chocolate, so it seems pointless buying a dessert. This is usually followed by ‘A Muppets Christmas Carol,’ which has become a little tradition of ours to watch on the first weekend of the holidays.

I live one road away from the main high street, so by 8.30am I had been to the local supermarket, bought the food I needed and was back home snuggling with the cats on the couch. I think I’m done – presents, cards and food are sorted, plans have been made with friends over the next few weeks and I’ve even bought a novelty sweater to wear when I visit my sister on Christmas Day. However, I have made a little pact with myself that I will never be this disorganised again in the build up to future holidays…

After several weeks of stress, I plan to spend the rest of the day relaxing and hopefully catching up on some sleep. I’m done, done and done.

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