Daily Gratitude Challenge Day 2: What Makes You Special?

In an effort to inject some positivity into my daily mindset and the online world I have created a Daily Gratitude Challenge and I am inviting everyone to participate. If you have missed my introductory post that explains the challenge and maps out the daily post schedule, visit here.

Daily Gratitude Challenge Day 2: What makes you special

Day 2 of the Daily Gratitude Challenge focuses on you. In a world where image is seemingly everything, it’s easy to forget to be not only kind to yourself, but to appreciate and be grateful for the qualities about yourself that you admire. We’re often taught that being positive about ourselves and confident in our own abilities equates to arrogance, but I am always reminded of an article I read on Facebook a long time ago in which a woman took the compliments that she regularly gave to others and started saying them to herself every morning. I found it to be rather an alien concept at the time and quite a revelation – I like to say nice things to my loved ones but rarely took the time to acknowledge or be grateful for anything positive about myself. Continue reading