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Those of you who follow the blog regularly will know how I feel about speaking in public, particularly when it is to a crowd of adults that I’ve never met before. So, when I was asked to speak about blogging to an audience of local businesswomen and entrepreneurs at an event with the Stilettos Network, I couldn’t shake the nauseated feeling that appeared at the pit of my stomach. It’s the usual insecurity that I’ve talked about on so many occasions, the tiny little voice that overpowers any rational thought in my mind. The one that, despite my inner confidence of all things blogging, will convince me in advance that my opinions are irrelevant and ultimately I will be laughed out of the room.

Still, it was an incredible opportunity and a rare chance ┬áto talk about blogging and how it has influenced and changed my life all evening with people who actually wanted to listen – I’m very lucky to have support from my family and friends, but there is only so much that can be said before that familiar glazed expression creeps across the eyes of those that I am jabbering at.

I was blessed to be talking alongside Justice Williams, MBE, and Jodie Cook – both highly successful women in their own right, and I was grateful that I would be speaking last as it gave me the opportunity to take some notes on how both of them presented themselves. I loved listening to their stories and how relaxed they were as they were speaking, and I was so inspired that, when it was my turn, I decided to go for it and see what would happen. Continue reading