A Beautiful Bank Holiday Weekend

It’s Bank Holiday Monday, and the weather is absolutely glorious. The sky is blue, the birds are singing, and Mr Shouty Man is happily sitting on a wall outside, shouting to himself. He’s a daily occurrence at the minute, often appearing around 11.30am, where he shouts to himself for a while before wandering off, still shouting. Despite the noise, I’ve opened all the windows, been shopping for some fruit and vegetables (nothing nicer than a fresh fruit salad on a gorgeous day) and The Bloke is busy in the garden in an attempt to calm the chaos that the winter months have created.



I slept in until 10.00am today – I must have been tired after the weekend. It was my little sister’s 30th birthday, and I had travelled up north to spend the weekend with the family. I stayed at my mother’s house, and my youngest sister drove us to meet my sister and her boyfriend outside the restaurant. We went to the Red Hot Buffet in Manchester – an all-you-can-eat restaurant – and I was determined that I was going to get my money’s worth! It was certainly a new experience for me – there were foods from all over the world, and I filled my plate on numerous occasions with Mongolian prawns, spring rolls, pizza, vegetable samosas, olive tapenade, onion rings, garlic naan, mushroom korma, spiced potato wedges and different types of rice. To finish, I helped myself to minature pancakes, lime jelly, chocolate brownies, minature strawberry cheesecake and marshmallows with sauce from a chocolate fountain. The staff presented my sister with a cake, made her stand up and sang to her (which she was mortified at), we talked, we laughed and we had a really great time.


My sisters and I outside the restaurant

There has also been a ‘Carry On’ weekend on TV, and my mum and I (who are Carry On obsessives) indulged in lots of the films while I worked my way through several chocolate Easter eggs. My other sister drove out of her way to drop me off at the train station, which I was really grateful for, and my journey back down to Birmingham was crowded. I found a seat next to a really nice Irish girl who seemed to be having a row with someone via text message, so I didn’t attempt to talk to her as she seemed agitated, and logged onto Twitter for my weekly #SundayBlogShare party. I let out a little gasp when I discovered that it was trending (which caused the girl sitting next to me to shoot me a bemused look), and excitedly started scrolling down all of the new posts that had been shared that morning.


#SundayBlogShare trended yesterday!

Unfortunately, the more popular something is, the more spam it receives, and it took me about an hour to remove, block and report the accounts (and with it, the pornographic pictures) that were threatening to take over the party. Grrr. However, several hundred new bloggers joined in for the first time, and as a result there were nearly 1,700 posts shared during the rest of the day. I am still amazed at it’s popularity, especially since it was only registered in December, and it continues to grow every single week, with some awesome bloggers helping me to promote it and share their links each Sunday. I excitedly returned home to The Bloke and squeaked at him, and then promptly ignored him for several hours while I continually read and retweeted as many posts as I could. It’s a good job he is a patient man.

Today, I don’t want to even look at the scales. Over the last week I’ve indulged in tapas, fish and chips, pizza (twice) a huge buffet and an enormous pub lunch, and I must admit that I am feeling a little lethargic and bloated. The Bloke feels the same way. We both always have good intentions, but we are a bad influence on each other, both emotionally relying on food, indulging in beautiful meals and buying small treats, which we easily consume in an evening. While other couples that I know will have several glasses of wine in an evening, I don’t drink that much, and he doesn’t drink at all, so we eat sweet things instead. He’s a chocolate monster. As I do the majority of the cooking, I think that it is about time that I started to take responsibility for our eating habits – I know that we can support each other through it but I know that if I present him with healthy meals, he’ll eat them. I’m also going to suggest that we take advantage of the beautiful weather and go for a walk today – we live next to an enormous, well maintained park, and I think that it’s about time I got myself moving!

What about you guys? Did you have a nice Easter weekend?

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