El Borracho de Oro

imageWhen it comes to Tapas, The Bloke and I are particularly enthusiastic, so when we were invited to go and sample the dishes on offer at El Borracho de Oro in Birmingham, we were delighted.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I know, it’s a tough life.

What struck us both as soon as we entered the restaurant was how great the atmosphere was. We visited Barcelona in September last year (and had a fantastic time), eating at several little restaurants away from the tourist areas in the city, and I was instantly taken in by El Borracho’s open space and authenticity, from the decor to the music. Everything was beautiful – even the water glasses were interesting (and The Bloke has made it his mission to find and purchase some). The glamorous Emma, the co-owner, went out of her way to make us feel welcome and recommended particular dishes that she thought we might enjoy based on our general food preferences.

We were given a huge variety of tapas to choose from.

We started with the Catalan-style Pan Tumaca – toasted bread rubbed with Raff tomato. This was then followed with a whole host of dishes, that were brought over in stages rather than piling everything onto the table all at once. Continue reading

An Evening of Tapas at Byzantium


I love Tapas, so when I was invited to try out the menu at Byzantium Mediterranean Restaurant in Kings Heath, I was very much looking forward to it! I have visited the restaurant before, having been invited to the launch of the new Upper Room, but I thought it would be interesting to take in the atmosphere of the restaurant on a busy evening.

The Bloke and I were given an option of tables to be seated at, so we chose one in a quiet little room at the side of the main eating area. From the second we sat down, the staff were superb, particularly when recommending different dishes to have in order to achieve a more authentic experience.

We started with flatbread and dips – my expectations being that pitta-sized bread would be served. However, the bread that arrived was the size of an average pizza, and we got stuck into the selection of dips the came with it – Tsatsiki, Hummus and Zaalouk – all of which were beautiful. Continue reading

An Evening at Byzantium


I love tapas, so when I received an invitation to attend the launch of the new ‘Upper Room’ at Byzantium Mediterranean Tapas restaurant in Kings Heath, Birmingham, I was delighted!

Byzantium is an independent restaurant, offering dishes inspired from across the Mediterranean and is immensely popular, being fully booked on a regular basis. As an extension, they have created an ‘Upper Room,’ suitable for private functions, large groups, business meetings, conferences and parties, and I was excited to see what they had created.

While I had never visited before, everybody I spoke to had high praise for the quality of the food, the staff and the atmosphere and the restaurant has endless numbers of rave reviews online. What I discovered was that they were absolutely right.

The new Upper Room, located on the second floor of the restaurant, has been beautifully decorated and seats up to 40 people, and after being given a hugely warm welcome from the management and staff I had the opportunity to meet some of the other bloggers and media groups from around the city.

Throughout the night we were treated to an enormous selection of samples from their menu, including Italian Arancini balls with prawns, salmon, risotto and mozzarella, Greek halloumi souvlaki, marinated pork belly with a balsamic glaze, Spanish Albondigas meatballs with a spicy tomato sauce, anchovy and black olive tapenade, a Little Mezze of courgette fritters, quinoa salad, hummus, tzatziki and pomegranate seeds, French Chicken Ballotine with black olives and chorizo, French bread with caramelised onions and Camembert, and Moroccan Zalouk. I was in tapas heaven, particularly falling in love with the Arancini – I had never tasted that particular combination of food before and it worked well. Every single item of food was cooked perfectly, presented beautifully and tasted absolutely delicious, and I loved the fact that everything was served at suitable temperatures, from the piping hot Arancini and Albondigas to the wonderfully cold tapenade. Amazing.

Byzantium is a hidden gem within Birmingham, and certainly one of the best tapas restaurants I’ve been to in the city. It has a wonderful range of dishes to suit every taste, is extremely reasonably priced (check out the menu here), and I would highly recommend a visit. And now with the new Upper Room, you can bring even more of your loved ones with you!

Want to find out more or make a booking?

Email: info@byzantiumtapas.co.uk

Telephone Number: 0121 4445444

Website: http://www.byzantiumtapas.co.uk


Disclaimer: I was invited as a guest of Byzantium to try their menu. All food and drink was complimentary (I know, it’s a tough life but someone has to do it) but this didn’t mean that I was under any obligation to provide any sort of promotion or review. This review is honest and my own.

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