Eight Reasons Why I Write

imageI started this little blog about two-and-a-half years ago. I’ve never made a secret of the fact that I began with no expectations, initially using it as a therapeutic tool during quite a difficult time in my life. Since then, the act of writing seems to have taken on a far different role than I ever could have imagined. Of all the creative things that I have started in my thirty-three years, writing is one of the only things that I enjoy and I strive to improve in – I never get bored. Indeed, it hasn’t just improved my life, it’s changed it beyond all recognition.

My blog, like my life and mindset, does not have a particular niche. I like the freedom to be able to discuss lots of different ideas and thoughts and I’ve always avoided remaining on the same topic for too long. I don’t consider myself to be a fictional writer and find it very difficult to create characters and stories (my greatest attempt to do this resulted in a long, drawn out story of a lonely squirrel that I created when I was eleven years old for a school assignment – it was just as boring to write it as it was for others to read it). Instead, I write about things that entertain me, news stories, experiences and adventures within my own life: things that I can relate to and interest me. The lengths of my posts always vary – sometimes, I will write a 2,000 word essay on a major news event, others I will simply post a photograph of something that is important to me, and similarly the response that I receive varies in return.

So why do I write?

1. I love the process of creating a post – thinking, researching, experimenting, creating, editing, publishing, re-editing, interacting and promoting – and I’ve been extremely lucky to meet lots of inspiring people along the way. I often get a sense of gratification from pressing the ‘publish’ button and reading the comments that are left in response.

2. The urge to share. Essentially, writing on a blog invites others into your world. It provides a small window into your life – who you are, what you stand for, your interests and your passions. Through the blogging world I have been introduced to all sorts of topics that I had very little knowledge of, I have shared fellow bloggers ups and downs, seen their families, their traditions, their homes. I’ve learnt about their favourite things in life, books, films, food, music, and have shared my own.

3. Writing is therapeutic. It helps me to work out my problems and concerns, organises my thoughts and allows me to vent any frustrations that I may be having without having to burden those around me. The pen, or in this case, the keypad, is indeed mightier than the sword.


4. In life, I am not a leader. In groups I am often talked over and interrupted by more dominant people, and I am not one who will openly voice opinions on a subject that interests me for fear of being perceived as dull. However, a blank page on my computer screen offers me a million possibilities without fear of interruption, boredom or a change of subject. It gives me a voice.

5. I like the fact that others appear to enjoy what I write. It’s a purely egotistical thing, particularly as I initially didn’t expect anyone to read it. To receive a positive comment almost provides a sense of validation that we don’t often receive as adults.

6. Writing helps me realise that I am not alone. The world can be a lonely and confusing place sometimes – the trials and tribulations that complicate all aspects of life can leave us feeling. Writing, and the interaction that follows has taught me that there are thousands of others that have had similar thoughts and experiences.

7. A legacy? While I don’t feel that my life is in the least bit inspirational, there is still the idea of leaving something behind after I’m gone that appeals to me. Life is short, it could end tomorrow, and if this is what is left behind, then this little blog is proof of my existence.

8. Ultimately, it allows me to reflect on the journey I have travelled and the progress I have made. When I feel negative thoughts creeping in, I revisit my early posts to appreciate how much better things are now and how lucky I am. It’s evidence that I’m going in the right direction.

What about you guys? Why do you write?

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A Lovely Blogging Surprise!


Early last week, one of my favourite blogs, Dating a Sociopath featured a post on the changing laws surrounding emotional abuse in the UK. I had written about the exact same thing a few months ago, describing my experiences of being involved in a relationship with a sociopath years ago, and as I hadn’t wanted it to be too long I had split it into three parts. My blog was originally created to share stories from my past that had troubled me and the process of writing it down and the support I received from doing so exorcised a number of psychological demons that had haunted me for a long time.

I shared the link to my post with her in the comments – I wouldn’t normally do this as I feel that using someone else’s blog to promote yourself is poor blogging etiquette, but I admire her writing and wanted her to see it. She responded positively, and I logged out for the night.

When I awoke the next day I did what I always do first thing in the morning and checked my stats, only to be pleasantly surprised that I had received an unusually high amount of views for that time of the day, with most of them coming from Stumble Upon. I have an account but never use it, so I was intrigued, and I discovered that the story about my sociopathic ex that I had linked the day before had been posted onto Stumble Upon, and it was obviously being shared around… a lot.

It started fairly slowly, with about a thousand views for the first few days, even on Christmas Day. However, yesterday my stats exploded, resulting in my blog receiving the third highest ever amount of views for the month since I started it in April 2013… and it’s still going!


It’s amazing – that one shared link has resulted in something far bigger than I could have ever expected and it has been a lovely end to a very positive blogging year! I hope that it is helpful to someone…

If you missed the original post, simply click on the picture below.


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Image 3 credit: Datingasociopath.com


Kitten Therapy

The world is a busy place – our lives are filled with jobs, traffic, places, colleagues, family and children every day and many of us are living in a state of constant fatigue and stress. So what happens when a unsuspecting and stressed-out member of the the public sits in a glass box with a pair of headphones and a bunch of kittens? Have a look at this lovely video – as an avid cat lover (and owner of two) I think that every workplace should have a room filled with kittens!

What do you do to de-stress at the end of a long day?

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Video uploaded by SoulPancake