11 Quotes by Inspirational Women


A few years ago, in the very beginnings of the blog, I created a listicle giving 46 reasons why women are amazing. Looking back, the post is rather silly and superficial – there’s talk of shoes, hair, make-up and the ease of urination in comparison to our male counterparts to name but a few. However, I keep the post up because it pulls in traffic from search engines on a daily basis with questions like ‘Why are women amazing?’ and ‘How amazing are women?’… There seems to be an endless stream of people who want to know what the key ingredients are that contribute to a woman’s ‘womanliness.’

As I age I am more acutely aware of the journey we have travelled as women, and how far we still have to go, but I’m lucky in that I am surrounded by strong, independent, successful women who prove that anything is possible. So, without getting into a debate or using it as an opportunity to belittle the male population (as I find it immensely irritating when Women’s Rights are used as a chance to insult men under the guise of feminism) I wanted to take the opportunity to share some inspirational quotes for International Women’s Day. Continue reading