Meet (Some Of) The Bloggers (On Video) From The 2nd Annual Bloggers Bash

Brace yourself people, Hugh has done the first of his bloggers videos from the Annual Bloggers Bash…

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If you haven’t heard about The Annual Bloggers Bash yet, then where have you been?

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I’d like to thank everyone who came along to the event and for making it the huge success it was. Last year, just over 20 of you attended. This year it was just over 50, and boy, what a great day it was. I only wish I could have magically got everyone there who wanted to come so they could have shared the magic of the day. New friendships were formed, lots of hugs were in evidence and everybody met up with online blogging friends they’ve been wanting to meet for a long time.

There have been lots of posts all over WordPress about the event and I’ve been busy reading, tweeting and sharing them across social media. Where possible, I’ve added all the posts to my Bloggers Bash Pinterest board.

When Sacha Black first…

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19 thoughts on “Meet (Some Of) The Bloggers (On Video) From The 2nd Annual Bloggers Bash

      • I might have to do one of those crowd funding projects. It might not be that unfeasible and there are creative grants. I’ve actually thought of seeing if I’d qualify, especially as I write about Australia and living with disability/chronic health. Our family gets a holiday payment of around $700 a year, which we’ve put towards skiing before. If I start thinking of “how” instead of “hard basket”, I should be able to pull it off! Go for it Rowie! Must admit I’ve been a bit flat lately, which I know you understand. Can’t really blame Winter as it’s been mostly sunny and roughly the same temps as London at the moment. At least, during the day. I’ve also been thinking that if I started converting some of my blog posts into freelance stuff and getting a bit of an income and acknowledgement it would help. The other day my mum who isn’t always encouraging and has also called me a “housewife” recently, said I could have been an international journalist using my writing and photography. I told her that’s what I do with my blog except I’m writing about here to people over there. It has appeal. Know you’ve been through all of this yourself. Tricky! Thanks for being there and your Sunday Blog Share. Really appreciate it. Hope you’re having a great weekend!
        xx Ro

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