Visiting Guy’s Cliffe House: A Hidden Gem in Warwick

Visiting Guy's Cliffe House in Warwick

The Bloke and I recently had a rare opportunity to explore Guy’s Cliffe House in Warwick. It is rarely available to public viewing, so when we saw that it was open for its Heritage Open Day (and on a stunningly beautiful day) we were really excited about it.

Guy’s Cliffe House is a Grade II listed building that stands on an artificially levelled terrace above a north-facing cliff. At the present most of the house is in ruins and unsuitable to walk through, with only the Grade II listed chapel and service quarters in use.

From humble beginnings as a secluded place of worship in the 5th century, the house has grown and changed with numerous additions in different styles. Sir Guy of Warwick reputably died in ‘Guy’s Cave’ in 970AD,’ and King Henry V ordered the establishment of a chapel in the 15th century. It has been owned by Plantation Owner Samuel Greatheed – Member of Parliament for Coventry – and later by the Heber-Percy family, it was used as a Red Cross Voluntary Aid Detachment Hospital in the First World War and  as a Boys Home by the Waifs and Strays Society during the Second World War… It is currently owned by the Freemasons and preserved by the Friends of Guy’s Cliffe Society.

The Bloke and I arrived as soon as it opened and were given directions to explore around the site. The main part of the west side of the building isn’t safe for members of the public to walk around, but it’s an gorgeous building and the level of ruin on the outer walls added to its charm. To the east side is the masonic chapel and some of the interior rooms are in a good condition to walk around, and we had a really interesting time exploring both in and around the courtyard and house. Click on the images for the full size.

At the back of the house is an absolutely gorgeous river walk that allows visitors to see the cave in which Sir Guy apparently died in, along with beautiful views of the other side of the main building, complete with vines growing up the side of the wall. Click on the images for the full size.

There is also a walk from the side of the main drive at the entrance to a viewing point in which the whole house can be seen. It’s a spectacular sight.

Guy's Cliffe House in Warwick

However, it does have an eerie feel to it, especially when walking around the main building. Guy’s Cliffe House is surrounded by stories of ghost sightings, footsteps and children laughing and Ghost Hunt Tours at night are available at various points throughout the year. We visited during some incredible weather, but I can only imagine the incredible atmosphere created in the dark!

Want to experience Guy’s Cliff for yourself? The easiest way to follow upcoming events is through their Facebook page, (although don’t expect a quick response to any questions that you may have).

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