The New Normal

Is anybody else getting sick of the phrase ‘The New Normal,’ or is it just me?

Unfortunately, it’s the perfect term to describe how we’re living at the moment. It doesn’t necessarily provide lots of inspiration for the journal-esque blogging content that I usually create, unless you’re interested in the rather sad-looking cheese sandwich I often make myself for lunch?

It’s weird how my mindset has changed in such a relatively short space of time – going ‘out out’ is a big ‘no no,’ despite the restrictions being slowly lifted. As someone who loves to plan out trips and fun things to do, it has taken a while to adjust to not being able to find a random place that I’ve never heard of online and then inform The Bloke that that’s where we are going for a day out. Instead, I’m continuing to look at life from a day-to-day perspective and taking pleasure in the seemingly smallest of things but admittedly I find myself grimacing when watching characters in my favourite TV shows standing in groups or hugging each other.

However, to get a change of scenery after being in the house for several months, The Bloke and I decided that we would do something different last week. The beaches and parks have been absolutely jam packed with people, so we got up at ridiculous o’clock and went into the city. Birmingham has loads of absolutely gorgeous areas, and at 7.00am there was almost nobody around (but we did wear PPE just in case). It was nice, but odd – peaceful and quiet, but with a sense of not feeling quite right. We managed to get some shots of various areas – mainly around Gas Street Basin and Brindley Place.

Gas Street Basin

The canals around Brindley Place looked gorgeous:

It was so strange to be able to walk through Brindley Place and Centenary Square and see the water outside the library be completely still – there are usually lots of people running around and enjoying it.

It was a beautiful (albeit rather unusual) way to spend (a very early) morning.

I’ve also been in the extremely lucky position in that I have continued to work solidly, and have been conscious in what I am spending… most of the time. If anything, this has been a stark reminder that all of this could suddenly go away overnight, which after 5 years I have perhaps become a little complacent about. However, I may have treated myself to a new Archer and Olive Dotted Journal, purely because I’ve always wanted to own one.


What about you guys? What has become your new normal?

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32 thoughts on “The New Normal

  1. The #NewNormal isvtyectsgline for this era!
    I try to keep a semblance of old normality, but getting up early, and getting ready, before waking the rest.
    Then it’s a mixture, depending on if I’m going into school or not. If I’m home, I will work on school stuff in the morning, and try my writing, or creative craft projects inn
    the afternoon.
    At least one walk a day with my son (and daughter if she can be bothered).
    Cooking different things I don’t usually have time for.
    And reading more than usual!

  2. ‘Unprecedented’ is the word that is beginning to grate with me, even though it is an accurate description of where we all are with this! And I love your pics, amazingly this little area is the only bit of Birmingham I know as my husband once had an appointment in Brindley Place and I went with him and explored along the canal while he was busy – I’ve got some lovely pictures of the boats in the Gas Street Basin 🙂

  3. Nice photos – getting out early is always good for photography, even if it’s a pain getting up that early.

    most of my job can be done from anywhere with an internet connection, and I have been incredibly busy during lockdown. The only real impact has been losing the ability to nip out for an unplanned meal, or a day out. Looking forward to being able to get together with family.

  4. this blog resonates with me! my new normal is currently….spending most of my time at home. a trip to the village farm shop is the highlight of my month! I can work from home, so am lucky with that. I quite like being forced to slow down, but I miss seeing people. Your photos are great!

  5. I’m over the term too, but feel lucky to be able to work from home, walk around the parks and my city, at a safe distance, to have healthy family and friends, and to have what I need.

  6. Yes, I’m getting fed up with the phrase ‘new normal’ although I will be pleased to be out and about again. Lovely photos of the canal area. It looks so tranquil and peaceful.

  7. Ah, new normals. I still dont know what that is. I sometimes feel like I am in that movie Groundhog Day. Yesterday the weather was gorgeous so my new normal was to sit on my patio with a cup of coffee and my book. At our age, hubby and I will be in more than out and about. I am not afraid of catching the virus as opposed to bringing it home to hubby who is health compromised. My biggest problem is not being able to hug and kiss my grandkids although they pass by now and then and wave from downstairs as I stand on the patio to see them. NYC is still on pause until June 8 when we begin phase 1, so it might be awhile before we do anything else. Stay Safe.

    • That’s exactly it – Groundhog Day haha! Not being able to hug loved ones has been so hard for so many people – I know my mum has missed my niece lots! How are things now?

  8. I agree—it’s hard to generate content when you’re looking at the same walls day in and day out. I’m lucky that I’ve always found humour in the mundane, but you can only write about the squirrels in your yard so many times!

  9. Lovely pictures. We’re pretty much homebodies anyway. However I have been trying to get out for my morning walk as early as daylight appears. People around here aren’t being very careful about social distancing so if I start seeing other people out and about I head on home.

    • They haven’t been careful here at all either – now that shops are beginning to open up everyone has pretty much forgotten about it. I do the same – and I cross the street a lot hahah!

  10. That New Normal will be the same old thing when this is finally overwith, just my opinion. Lovely photos, Suzie! 🇬🇧

  11. I live in Beverly Hills, and our “new normal” had been ordering food to the house and trying to support our local businesses as we were required to #shelterinplace. Just as the restrictions were beginning to life, a senseless murder in Minnesota has thrown our country into upheaval. Sad and sobering times

  12. Some stunning photos!
    I’m shielding, so my current normal is home, with the occasional trip into the garden. It’s been 10 weeks now, and as much as I miss going out, drinking in cafes, seeing friends and family, I’m not ready to risk the sacrifice I have made yet. It’s not time.
    I would love to wander some eerie streets though!

    • I know what you mean. I’m not shielding but I have to be careful because of individuals that I help out, so I have rarely left the house. How are things now?

  13. I hate the term “New Normal” it really sets my teeth on edge. For us here, nothing much has changed – you could have a variation of the old “Meet the new boss – same as the old boss”or – meet the ‘New Normal – same as the old normal”. A small country town in the outback of South Australia and nothing much changes. Yes, there have been travel restrictions and closures but the supermarkets have remained open and although in the early stages there was some panic buying, mostly it’s fairly normal and places are starting to open as restrictions are lifted. Here in South Australia we have had no new cases in 21 days and there are no patients in the hospitals.Clubs and pubs open as from today – although with some restrictions on numbers and social distancing requirements and we are allowed to travel * only within the state* but still, out and about. Oddly enough – I really don’t want to go anywhere!! ( LOL)

  14. I’m not a hater of the new normal – I do hate the ‘we’re in this together’ phrase. My new normal is being at home all the time, I’m working from home so I’ve only been out to go for a walk or shopping.

  15. I think another part of the challenge with the “new normal” is we don’t really know what that means. How much of our life now will continue in a couple of months? Is home-working the new normal or not? I’ve returned to my parents for lockdown, but hoping that isn’t the new normal!

  16. It’s a strange time for everyone isn’t it? A lot of people are really enjoying so many things about the quieter pace of life and change of how they live. More walking and relaxing seems to be working for many but missing friends and family is a big deal. We’re always on the move so this has tied us down for a while but we’re enjoying life still especially in this amazing weather.

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