The Ultimate Blogger’s Guide to Twitter Hashtags, Retweet Accounts and Chats

imageI’ve been on Twitter for a while now, and I find that it is a great source of traffic for my posts. However, I am discovering that there is also an incredible community for bloggers available through the use of hashtags, retweet accounts and chats that cater for every niche.


Hashtags are labels that allow potential readers to find posts and content within a specific theme. On Twitter, there are endless hashtags that can be used, depending on the theme of your post, but there are a number of specific tags that I have found to be particularly useful, and use on a regular basis

Blog Retweet Accounts

Retweet accounts are there for the purpose of retweeting (sharing) your post. They vary in size – some have 30,000+ followers, some only 150 – but they are fantastic for promoting your blog to a wider audience. It is normally expected that you follow these accounts (more for common courtesy than anything else), and in order to gain a retweet you need to include their Twitter handle in your link, along with your hashtags.

Blog Link-Shares and Chats

Link-sharing and chats are a fantastic way to network with other bloggers all across Twitter, and there are an enormous amount of these happening on a weekly basis. They are focused around a hashtag – those participating will all use the same hashtag for a specified amount of time in order to quickly connect with each other.

In a link share, bloggers will share a link to their blog. There are link-sharing hashtags for every day of the week, and most go on all day, so it’s easy to jump in and out when time permits. When sharing a link, you should also take the time to READ and then retweet a few posts from others – this will encourage people to share your posts in return, potentially increasing your traffic further. Note: it is advisable that posts are shared sporadically, rather than spamming the hashtag by sharing everything you’ve ever written all at once – this will eventually result in you being reported.

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196 thoughts on “The Ultimate Blogger’s Guide to Twitter Hashtags, Retweet Accounts and Chats

  1. I went ahead and scheduled some tweets with links to posts on your suggested blog share platforms. Fingers crossed. I am keeping this tab open to check back. Much to my husband’s dismay.

  2. Wow – I don’t know how you’ve even managed to find out about all of these! I know and use some, but loads here I didn’t know! & I had no idea about the regional ones – must look into those! Thanks for the info!

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  7. Ever since I started taking my blog more seriously, just under two months ago, I have been desperately looking for this kind of resource! Thanks so much for putting this together Suzie. This is unbelievably helpful!

  8. This was SO helpful! I’ve been blogging for awhile, but don’t have a lot of down time to research this stuff or promote my own blog. In the interest of promoting my paintings, though, I’m starting to make a concerted effort at increasing my online presence. To find all these resources in one blog is incredibly helpful. Thank you so much!

  9. I recently updated my Twitter strategy to incorporating some of these Twitter hashtags and Retweet accounts mentioned in this post. It takes some time as well as trial and error to see results but people are starting to find us on Twitter and clicking the links to go to our site. Thank you so much for doing this xx

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  13. I’ve joined a couple of these chats during the week and they were really good. A couple of others don’t seem to be running anymore. It would be great if there was a music one if anyone knows of any. Still, a great post 🙂

  14. This is really helpful, I’m trying to get my blog off the ground and I’m learning things every day that help. I will definitely be trying the chat idea – I’ve seen them but have been a bit to scared to join in.

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