It’s Party Time!

imageThis week marks my two year blogiversary, and I decided that the best way to celebrate would be to invite you all to my blog party!

It has been quite a while since I last hosted a blog party, and I absolutely love them, so I’d like you all to put on your best outfits, grab a drink (mine is a Mojito for anyone that’s interested) and get your blog on! For those of you that have never participated in one before, the rules are simple:

1. Choose your favourite post from your own blog. The subject of the post can be anything you like – blogging, food, parenting, life, travel, thoughts, photography… Note: This should be only one post at a time or it will get sent straight to the ‘spam’ folder and I may not be able to find you for a while. I don’t have an issue with you posting another link separately, but please don’t share more than three – spend the time visiting other bloggers instead.

2. Paste the link to your post in the comment section of this post.

3. Enjoy! Relax, pull up a chair, meet new people! Find new blogs, comment on their posts, be polite, courteous and respectful, follow, reblog and share. Let them know that you met them here! This is a really useful way of discovering new blogs, particularly if you have only just joined the blogging world – the general rule that I set myself when I participate is that I check out at least two or  three other bloggers…

You don’t have to follow me to participate, you don’t have to be an established blogger – you could have written just a single post – and feel free to invite your friends!

Want to discover six WordPress blogs without waiting for others to post their links? Check out my sponsors – they’re all fabulous bloggers and they would love to meet you – you can find their blogs in my sidebar, just click on the image for the link! 

You’re welcome to share this post on all of your social media accounts too! You can find me on Twitter and Tumblr @suzie81blog, and don’t forget to visit my Facebook page

And remember…



NOTE 1: Don’t forget to join me for #SundayBlogShare tomorrow!


710 thoughts on “It’s Party Time!

    • Thanks very much Shel and thanks for sharing your link! It’s going to take me quite a while to get through them all but I’m going to leave the party open for a while so new people can join in! Hope you had a good time!

    • Aww that’s really nice of you! It’s 10.45am here, so I’ll gladly take the wine and use it to soothe my blogging hangover haha! Thanks for sharing your link – the are hundreds of people that have shared links so I hope you can find lots of new bloggers to follow! Enjoy!

    • Thank you for this! I’ve got one month left in the 40’s and am switching out my winter clothes to spring. This’ll help add to my “Don’t Go There” pile of clothes. 😀

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    • Thanks ok – you haven’t missed out at all! I’m going to leave it open for a while so you’ve got plenty of time to visit all the other blogs! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love your blog. Happy Blogversary. This morning I checked your post but had to log-off. WOW. When I got back you had 634 comments. Obviously, you are well loved. 🙂

    Keep up the good work. You rock.

    So, below is the link to my favourite blog post. It happens to be the first post on my blog because it’s the story of how I discovered I was pregnant.
    The name is Eve. I cook, bake, fix stuff, was a web marketing fraud specialist but now I’m your average social media chum and soon-to-be mom. I like my tea with milk, my politics liberal, my music loud and my books, well, I just like books.

  3. Happy Anniversary, and I am sorry I missed this yesterday. I share this one around a bit, but it’s still my favorite. Written by a friend for my blog, but I picked the media and wrote the headline. It’s our most-read post. Gets found on Google every day of the week. 🙂

    “Is Batman a Marvel Character Trapped in the DC Universe?”

    My two-year blogging anniversary will be in November if I make it through the summer and fall.

  4. Oh I’ll play! I have two websites to promote! (Greedy, I know!)

    The first is the blog that is a family project with my adult daughters. One at a time, we are taking Pinterest Challenges and talking about them; what works, what need improvement. We also have a facebook page and Pinterest page. is my personal blog without much direction. I started it to practice my writing content and it’s grown to be something I look forward to every day. I rant, praise, and joke a bit. Come visit, kick your shoes off, make yourself comfortable. But keep your feet off my damn coffee table

  5. Thank you again for this great blog party. I have really been enjoying it. I have found many great blogs that I had not before discovered and I have also gained some followers. Share the blog love. I would like to point to one of my posts that might resonate with some bloggers. It is called Introverts Unite. I got a great response when I posted it because many bloggers are introverts.
    Take a look please.

  6. So glad you left the party open! I was in a wedding yesterday and work today… so I knew I wouldn’t have ANY TIME, though I really wanted to participate!

    That being said, while I think it would be impossible to pick a favorite post, here’s a recent post of mine that I quite liked:

    I hope to check out many blogs in the next day or two!

  7. I’m so late, it’s probably no longer fashionable but I just saw this come up on my Reader (been away for the weekend). Blog parties are awesome because I am always looking for new blogs to fall in love with 🙂 I also reblogged this on Amie Writes, my creative writing blog. I am sharing two links – first is an older post (my favorite) and second is a newer venture into flash fiction.

  8. Sorry I missed the blog party but as usual I’m going to come late to the party! Following is my most recent post on My Bipolar Life. The post recounts my personal journey in dealing with suicidal thoughts and resources for suicide prevention. My Suicide Story: .

    • Thanks very much for leaving your link! Hope you enjoyed it! Don’t worry you aren’t late at all – there are people still clicking on posts and it’s a week later now!

  9. Truly a successful anniversary party. I looked at and read so many wonderful pieces and looked at so many sites. Some were too much information for me; some were too sad for me. Some had sites with overwhelming color my poor weak eyes could not at all read through. Some were frank, political, philosophical. Heavy stuff. Some were pure fun, filled with happiness and laughter. I have to avoid those that are photography. Too much eye candy for me and my life now. I cannot read the fiction. I have too many unfinished books on my coffee table, on the shelves. (See my blog for The Shredded Me on that topic of a thousand books.) Finally, the wacky, silly, cat-ty, humour-filled, reality of real life. I like those. I like some serious real poems; some serious real topics about love and sex and children and memories of growing up. Since I am sober and bi-polar, I tend to avoid those topics. I have my own life struggles. And no whiners, as I whine here. But it was a fun-blogging anniversary. You must be exhausted. So I thank you for finding me new friends, even those on whom I know I will have a “blog crush.” :o)

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