110+ Blog Post Ideas

Blog post ideas for when bloggers block strikes!

I’m asked all the time for ideas for blog posts and I’ve been through quite lengthy periods of Bloggers Block over the last few months, so here is a list of useful ideas that can hopefully spark a whole bunch of new posts for your blog! I’ve categorised many of them as best I can.


1. How to start a blog from scratch.
2. Why I started blogging.
3. The origins of my blog name.
4. My blogging goals.
5. How to increase your traffic.
6. How to use Twitter/Facebook/StumbleUpon/Pinterest/Flipboard…
7. How to create a social media schedule.
8. How to use SEO effectively on your blog.
9. How to grow a mailing list.
10. A discussion about the pros and cons of dot com or self-hosted.
11. A list of your favourite blogs and why.
12. A guest post from one of your favourite bloggers.
13. How to create images for your blog.
14. How to edit and reinvent old posts.
15. How to be a virtual assistant / social media manager.
16. How to create your own business cards.

About Me

17. My favourite tv programmes, films, music and/or books
18. My family history and family traditions.
19. My daily routine.
20. My favourite childhood memory.
21. A list of ambitions and dreams / create a bucket list.
22. Regrets and mistakes.
23. What’s in my bag?
24. My pets/favourite animals.

Food + Drink

25. My favourite food recipes.
26. A list of what I love to eat.
27. A list of foods I dislike.
28. A healthy eating plan.
29. A cooking or measurement conversion chart.
30. A guide to seasonal food.
31. How and where to save money on groceries.
32. A guide to a particular diet plan – paleo/low carb/low sugar etc.
33. A guide to food photography.
34. My favourite cocktail recipes.
35. Mocktail equivalents to popular cocktails.
36. Wine and dish pairing ideas.
36. Ideas for hosting a dinner party.

Mental Health and Self Care

37. The myths of mental health.
38. Discuss your own mental health story.
39. Dealing with depression / bipolar / anxiety / ADHD
40. A list of self care ideas / self care schedule.
41. Motivational and inspirational ideas, quotes, daily reminders and mantras.
42. Useful numbers for helplines.

43. Useful websites for mental health.
44. How stress has an impact on mental health.
45. Ways to combat stress.
46. Ways to practice mindfulness.

Beauty and Fashion

47. A review of your favourite beauty products.
48. A comparison between drug store and designer products.
49. A make-up tutorial for a particular event/season/celebration or a natural look.
50. A specific focus on a particular area of your face eg. How to make your eyes appear bigger.
51. My skin care routine.
52. How to clean make-up brushes.
53. Where to buy save money on specific products.
54. Great dupe products.
55. How to rock natural hair or how to curl / straighten / defrizz / colour your hair.
56. Great hairstyles according to face shape and / or age.
57. Natural alternatives to beauty products.
58. How to keep your skin looking younger.
59. Make-up tips for midlife.
60. Outfits of the day.
61. A Get Ready With Me.
62. Outfit ideas for a specific place, event or holiday.


63. A guide to a place that you have visited.
64. A photo series of your favourite travel destination.
65. A foodies guide to your favourite city.
66. Packing tips for a city break / beach holiday.
67. Travel hints and tips when visiting a specific country.
68. Your favourite travel experiences.
69. A bucket list of all the places you would like to visit.
70. A list of all the places you have already visited.
71. A guide to film locations.

Home, DIY and Crafts

72. Decluttering your home / garage / specific room.
73. Spring cleaning ideas for the home.
74. Seasonal/celebration inspired decor – Spring, Summer, Easter, Christmas etc.
75. Pound/dollar store makeover of a room.
76. Garden and garage makeovers.
77. How to host an outdoors barbecue.
78. Ideas for upcycling old furniture.
79. Furniture/home items that you have found at flea markets.
80. Budget friendly DIY ideas.
81. Homemade crafts, cards and gifts.
82. Create a vision board.
83. Showcase your favourite etsy stores.
84. A list of your favourite craft suppliers.
85. Describe your experiences at a craft event.

Finance / Making Money

86. Making money online (I’m sick of these sorts of posts but there’s hundreds of them posted every day.
87. Ideas for creating a budget.
88. Living frugally.
89. How to start paying off debt.
90. Tips for Downsizing.
91. How to use coupons.


92. An open letter to someone/something.
93. A letter to your younger / older self.
94. Host a blog party or link-up.
95. A day in the life of…
96. The Beginners Guide to…
97. A wishlist of…
98. Things I wish I had know before…
99. Share the story of how you and your partner/best friend met.
100. Write a short story, poem or haiku.
101. Give your thoughts on a particular news story.
102. Share your workout routine, weight loss journey.
103. Share a photo journal of your day / a place / an event.
104. Research your family history.
105. How to create / use a Bullet Journal.
106. Your day as a working parent.
107. How to plan for college.
108. Effective tools for revision or research.
109. Advice / ideas on wedding planning.
110. Dating tips / relationship advice.


110+ blog post ideas to help when you run out of things to blog about!

Phew! Hopefully that should spark some ideas! What ideas do you have for creating blog posts?

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89 thoughts on “110+ Blog Post Ideas

  1. Such a helpful treasure trove of suggestions, Suzie! I like the break down into categories that’s easy for people to track by niche. Great list. 🙂

  2. Getting all these ideas here is so awesome! Thank you for sharing this list with your readers. I have observed that if bloggers list down topics/categories than they can write about, it gets very easy.

  3. You could also write about your favourite radio programmes, podcasts that have helped you, architecture that interests you or buildings that you’ve visited.

  4. Well as I am a bookish sort of guy, #17 resonates with me. On the topic of book blogs though, I do think it’s extremely congested at the moment. I reckon there will be a move towards more niche book blogs focusing on just one genre.

  5. Thanks for this, Suzie. I have to say that I often struggle with ideas of what to write about. I love January though as I take part in ‘Just Jot it January’ that has a prompt word to write about for each day. I find that really helps too. 🙂

  6. Thanks for this Suzie – I think we all must run out of ideas sometime and when brain fog is as bad as mine any help is always welcome!!! I don’t know how you constantly come up with such great posts and support the blogging community like you do – a massive thank you x

  7. I’ve been very overwhelmed lately, back to school madness and my son is turning 4 this year and suddenly I realize I need to find out about preschool! As you know teaching can really get overwhelming and when I get home from work it can be hard to want to write anything much less try to come up with a topic to think about writing about. So thanks for this list, I’m going to be using it!

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  10. This post was much needed for me. Creating new content that people will love is hard but after coming across this post, I feel inspired and ready to write. I love how you broke it down to sections. Thank you for sharing such great ideas.

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