46 Ideas To Beat Blogger’s Block

Ideas to be Blogger's block

I’m almost half-way through #NaBloPoMo and, admittedly, I’m struggling. Blog Her have provided some fantastic prompts, but I’m one of those awkward people who only likes to write about something when I’m in the mood to do so, so I haven’t been following them as diligently as others.

Once a blog has been established and a number of posts written, it’s inevitable that most bloggers will suffer from the dreaded ‘Bloggers Block’ at some point. Indeed, it has plagued me at various points in the year, and it’s incredibly frustrating, particularly when the urge to write is there.

However, I have learned to keep a list of ideas for such occasions, and I thought it might be useful to share it for others in a similar situation:

  • Write an ‘Open Letter’ to someone.
  • Host a poll and post the results – WordPress allows you to have a poll widget as part of your blog.
  • Write a follow up to your most popular post.
  • Share some of your favourite photographs.
  • Review a product, album, film or book.
  • Review an event you attended.
  • Share your favourite recipe.
  • Collate a Bucket List – things to see and do before you die.
  • Collate an Anti-Bucket List – things you never wish to see and do before you die.
  • The experience of hindsight … eg. ‘Eight Things I Learned From My Teenage Years.’
  • Write about the worst present you’ve ever been given.
  • Share some of life’s little pleasures.
  • Share some of life’s little annoyances.
  • Top Tens – create a list of top tens of anything and everything.
  • Write a response to someone else’s blog post.
  • Share what is your Facebook status likely to be in 2020 and explain why.
  • Explain where and when you would travel to in a time machine.
  • Describe how would you spend your last day on earth.
  • Write about how you would spend a large lottery win.
  • Describe the day you left home.
  • Write about your first love.
  • Create a post comprising of old tweets.
  • Share your favourite YouTube videos.
  • Share your opinions on fictional characters in TV programmes, books and/or films.
  • Pick holes in various film plots.
  • Write about ‘A Day in the Life.’
  • Hold a contest.
  • Host a Blog Party.
  • Create a resource list – put together a list of useful websites, tools and networks that help you in your daily life.
  • Write a ‘Recipe of You.’ What makes you, well, you?
  • Discuss your favourite charitable cause.
  • Write a ‘How To.’
  • Compare and contrast different opinions on a subject.
  • Rant.
  • Inspire others by sharing a story that you find heart-warming.
  • Research part of your family history.
  • Create a set of predictions for the future.
  • Write a hypothetical post.
  • Create a list of four things that you like about lots of different topics.
  • Write a post based on a comment that one of your followers may have left you.
  • Share the most obscure search terms that have lead others to your blog.
  • Share your favourite inspirational quote and explain how it motivates you.
  • Create a ‘Blog of the Day,’ highlighting your favourite bloggers.
  • Advise others on how to use social media tools like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.
  • Create a photo diary of your day.

Hope you find some of these useful!

What about you guys? Have you got any ideas for potential blog posts?

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82 thoughts on “46 Ideas To Beat Blogger’s Block

  1. Wow so many ideas! I don’t think I will ever run out of things to blog about with this to help me ๐Ÿ˜› I like the experience of hindsight, day in the life and the photo diary ideas!
    Thanks for this post lovely .. It really will help so many people!

  2. Great list, Suzie. Some I already have on my own lists (scrapy notes in not so scrapy note books would be more accurate)…some I’d not thought of but will be adding to my lists. Handy share, Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  3. Recipes, period.. I love to eat, love to cook and love to know what others are eating and cooking.

  4. I have loads of ideas…most are not just off the wall but they are over the wall and closer to the horizon. In fact the wall is a dot to my ideas lol. I think you should invite suggestions from your followers and write that post up as part of the nanonano month ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Wow, you’ve amassed a great idea list.
    I have several alphabet or numerical lists, all related to writing as my blog focuses on writing craft, and each suggests more than one post on the general topic. For example, if we take your suggestion, Photo Diary of your Day, you might post the most interesting photo you took on a particular day and write a brief post about the circumstances of the picture. If you set out to do that for 30 days, then you would have a bunch of posts to write about rather than just one. Or take your Favorite Recipe and write a year’s worth of those, connecting each to a holiday or celebration, telling the story about how each meal was enjoyed with family and friends. One could easily write at least 52 recipes this way. Or write about seasons enjoyed on your travels: winter in France, spring in Wales, summer in Barcelona, autumn in the US. At least 4 posts out of that general idea, but a clever writer could easily manage many more. Or a series of posts about firsts: first lost tooth, first major award, first friendship renounced and why, first failed college class, first meal eaten on a cruise, first time riding a camel, first time you tried to speak a foreign language in a country where that language is primary. That could go on for hundreds of posts.
    Have fun writing, everyone. Thanks, Suzie, for so many inspiring ideas.

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  7. Thank you for making this post. You have managed to do what so many other “Blogging Prompt” lists have been unable to do for me over the past couple of months; and that is give me the spark to actually get a post written and posted to my site.
    I couldn’t tell you for sure what it is that did it, but I think it was the fact that you went with a list of 46 items rather than a “nice round 50”. I will definitely be keeping this page bookmarked and will be using more of your prompts.
    Good luck with getting through the rest of #NaBloPoMo.

    • Thanks Paul! 16 days in and still going haha!

      I like to use random numbers when I do list posts, or listicles as they’re often called – they generally tend to attract more attention! I’m so pleased that you found it useful!

  8. It really IS getting harder isn’t it. I feel like I’ve exhausted my entire personality into my weekly blogs. I did write one about blogging, obviously! I’ll try and dig it out to post here. But some excellent ideas here – lists ARE always a good idea, as is to look at your more popular posts, and think why.. .

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  15. Awesome ideas! I actually did some of these back in 2014 when I did NaBloPoMo (BlogHer had a similar, but not nearly as extensive list), and helped get me through the month. One thing I also did that I don’t think is on the list is I shared some short (like flash fiction) creative writing pieces. Which reminds me – I did a bunch of silly haikus for a coffee competition on Facebook. I should turn them into a post! ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. These are great ideas, Suzie! I expected the usual suspects. After blogging for six years, I depend more and more on my own life stories. Got to mix it up once in a while. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I seem to have adopted a balance between life stories and advice stuff – I enjoy writing the life stories more but get more traffic from the advice stuff

  17. I collect quotes and when I’m feeling uninspired, I’ll page through them. Something will spark an idea. And in most cases will end up in the blog. But I will admit, sometimes I’m just writing for myself as a way to keep writing.

  18. Great list Suzie…..yep, sometimes it becomes difficult to have a constant flow of ideas to write about…..I generally do reviews of music albums, artists, movies and books. I also love to write about my days in general, my daily journal, and occasionally I do write about any new places I visit.

  19. Excellent! I have a post I pinned to my dashboard on my computer called “30 Free Public Domain Websites.” I refer to it all the time. This post is going right next to that super helpful resource!

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