#SundayBlogShare – The Biggest Twitter Party Of The Weekend!

imageLast week I posted different ideas to help increase blog traffic. One of those ideas was to connect with others via Twitter in the various hashtag parties that take place throughout the week.

Here’s your chance to do just that – #SundayBlogShare is in full swing and you’re all invited to pull up a chair, grab a coffee, tweet your links and get to know the hundreds of bloggers that participate every week.

I started it in November and I’ve been delighted with the enormous response that it has received, with hundreds of bloggers participating each week, sharing over 1,500 posts and this number increases each Sunday. At the end of December I decided to be a bit more serious about it and registered it with Twubs to my Twitter handle, so the hashtag is now associated with Suzie81 Speaks. Last Sunday was the busiest yet, with lots of new bloggers joining for the first time, the hashtag trended for a short time, and I was gobsmacked when lifestyle guru Tony Robbins shared a link! Don’t believe me? Look!


Want to join in? It’s a simple process – post your blog links to Twitter using the hashtag #SundayBlogShare and enjoy! If you include my Twitter handles (@suzie81blog or @SundayBlogShare) in your post I can retweet it for you too! Your posts can cover any topic and you don’t have to follow my blog or any associated social media accounts. You can participate if you have been blogging for days, months or years and it’s a brilliant opportunity to develop your social networking skills and boost your traffic and following. I have received hundreds of messages from people that saw their traffic increase immediately.

I will remind everyone again each week but here are a few rules for everyone who wishes to participate.

1. #SundayBlogShare is a happy place. Racist, sexist and homophobic propaganda will not be tolerated, and if you disagree with the content of a post it should be done in a polite and respectful manner.

2. Blog posts only. NO Amazon book promos, company promos, music promos, inspirational quotes, newspaper articles, random selfies of you drinking coffee, Justin Bieber fan promotion etc… you get the idea.

3. No pornographic images are allowed and if the content of your blog focuses of erotica, please don’t use graphic words in your descriptions when promoting your post.

4. Do not use it as an opportunity to demand follows and retweets from others, but feel free to retweet posts that you like. Be generous with this – the more you READ and retweet, the more likely you will get them in return!

5. Don’t go overboard with the amount that you post… If the Twitter feed is just a list of your own posts, you’re doing it too much. Post a few, spend some time reading and retweeting others and then come back later to post again.

6. Hashtag spamming is not allowed. For those of you who participated over the last few months, you’ll be aware that because of the popularity of the hashtag, there was a high level of spam from people who used it as an opportunity to post hundreds of links within an hour, clearly using the hashtag to spam potential clients. I have contacted Twitter and Twubs, and hopefully the matter has been resolved, but if this sort of thing appears today I would really appreciate it if you would block and report them. Don’t engage with them, just block and report.

It starts each Sunday morning and will end at midnight. I’m in the UK, so you will need to work out times for whichever country you live in. This may mean that some of you may be participating on Saturday, or going into Monday, but please use the same hashtag…

Want to meet WordPress bloggers through Twitter? Leave your Twitter name in the comment section below so others can find you easily!

Looking forward to seeing you there! Feel free to invite your friends, reblog, tweet and spread the word across your social media networks!

You can find me on Tumblr @suzie81blog and I’d love it if you would hop on over to my Facebook page and give it a cheeky ‘like.’ http://www.facebook.com/suzie81speaks

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… And Relax!

imageWow. With three instrumental workshops, a tech rehearsal, a full evening music concert with 75 kids, two full ensemble rehearsals, two coursework folders, five awards assemblies and a set of reports on top of my normal teaching timetable in the last week, I’ve been more stressed out than I have ever been in my ten years of working in education. I’ve barely slept, my smoking habit has increased and I’ve come home and broken down in tears on several occasions while The Bloke has given me a hug and told me it will be okay.

Finally, it’s over. The reports and coursework are done, the concert and assemblies were a huge success after being supported by some of my colleagues, my lessons were good and I have received endless amounts of praise and positive feedback from colleagues and parents. I bloody did it, and I’m proud of myself for doing so. The best part of it is knowing that I will NEVER have to do that again. My line manager is back from maternity leave after a year off, my timetable has been reduced for next term and I have less that 50 working days left until I can start my new life.

It’s Friday, it’s pay day and it’s the start of the Easter holidays. It’s the first time in a while where I haven’t experienced anxiety or chest pains. It’s my friend’s birthday tomorrow, so I’m going to put on my glad rags and dance the night away (something I haven’t done for a long time), I’m going to spend a bit of time with my family as it is my sister’s 30th birthday and have some quality time with The Bloke, and the blog, of course. I’m going to read a book, go for walks, take lots of long, hot baths and I might even get my hair cut. My school laptop is going in the cupboard, along with my marking.

The next seven days are going to be good, because I’m taking the bloody week off.

You can also find me on Twitter and Tumblr @suzie81blog and don’t forget to check out my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/suzie81speaks

Image: The Guardian

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Sorry, I’m Not Sorry


Something from last month – just in case you missed it! Hope you enjoy!

Originally posted on Suzie81 Speaks:


In the last few months I have read a number of wonderful posts. While the content of each was different, I noticed that they all began with the same negative introduction:

You will probably find this boring / You may think that this is rubbish / I doubt anybody will be interested in this…

I have learned over time to try and ignore it – I often find that I am pleasantly surprised by the wonderful writing that follows, but admittedly there are times where I have been put off by these self-deprecating opening sentences – the writer is almost apologising for having a thought or an interest in something before they have even given potential readers a chance to form an opinion about it.

What seems to be the predominant reason for the creation of many blogs is that people have an urge to write and feel that they have…

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Pinterest: To Join Or Not To Join?


My good bloggy friend Natacha has some questions for you about the use of Pinterest. Do you use it? Hop on over to her blog and let her know what you think!

Originally posted on Natacha Guyot:

While researching which next social media to join, the one that spoke to me was Pinterest. It is a bit of a surprise as until recently, I didn’t think that it would be something up my alley. I read about how it can even be a good platform for writers, so it is worth considering. I’d still need to figure out how to set up boards and things like that, as I don’t want to stretch myself too much.

I was curious to hear from people who are on Pinterest. Do you like it? Is there good socializing happening there? Does it work as a solid source of inspiration? If you are a writer, how does Pinterest influence you and your social media?

I look forward to your comments and I wish you all a great weekend!

Photo Credit: Jeff Sheldon. Photo Credit: Jeff Sheldon.

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Day By Day

imageI’m exhausted. It’s been one of those days where I have found myself surrounded by people, all wanting information and documents that are equally important. We have an all-day rehearsal on Wednesday, our big concert on Thursday, there are two large coursework folders due and two different workshops taking place on Friday. On top of rehearsing two different ensembles, getting together the running order for the concert, selling tickets and dealing with several different pastoral issues, I’ve taught a full day where I had to finish off all of my assessments for each class and I finished the day by writing a full set of reports. I didn’t eat lunch and I didn’t go to the toilet. At one point, I just wanted to scream at everyone to leave me alone and run away, but somehow I managed to keep a smile on my face, remain calm, and thankfully didn’t do anything that would have got me fired, so I see today as being a success. I currently resemble a duck on the water – calm on the surface while underneath the legs are furiously paddling away.

After the day had finished, I decided that there was just one thing for it: the pub. I don’t drink much, but tonight my friend sat and had a drink with me while I just took an hour to myself to just try and calm down. When I finally got chance to go to the loo, I caught sight of myself in the mirror. I look a mess – my skin is pale and pasty, I look really tired and I’ve got enormous bags under my eyes. Surely it isn’t right that one person should be responsible for so much?

However, after a drink, a cigarette and a laugh, I walked home. My house was warm and cosy, and I was greeted by The Bloke and two very excitable cats, who were very pleased to see me. There was a lovely smell from The Bloke’s dinner permeating from the kitchen, and clean clothes drying on the airer. I shut the door, and with it, the day.

For the next few hours, my time is my own. I have left my laptop at work, with no intention of doing anything but watching my favourite TV shows and having a long soak in the bath this evening. For the rest of this week, I have decided that I am going to take it day by day, rather than thinking about the big picture, with the ultimate goal of making it to Friday with as few tears as possible.

50 working days to go…

What about you? How do you deal with stressful situations?

You can also find me on Twitter and Tumblr @suzie81blog, and don’t forget to check out my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/suzie81speaks


Image Credit: skilledinspiration/Tumblr

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Empathising With Bullies

After introducing you to Teresa from Embracing the Spectrum, I wanted to share with you a post that has really got me thinking this afternoon… How often do we look at a situation from the perspective of the bully?

As there isn’t a reblog option, I have included the link to the full post below – I’m sure that you’ll find it as thought provoking as I did!

Empathising With Bullies: Why Should We Do It?


For those of you that participate in #1000Speak, I’m sure you’ll certainly be interested in this! Please click on the picture or the link to be taken to the post – comment on Teresa’s post rather than on here… Check it out! I’m sure that she would love to know what you think! You can also find Teresa on Twitter @EmbraceSpectrum.

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Blog Of The Day: Embracing the Spectrum

imageMeet Teresa from Embracing the Spectrum.

I met Teresa through a Twitter party that we both regularly participate in, and I thoroughly enjoy her posts. Her ‘Who Are We’ gives a little information about who she, and the cast of characters in her family are. She identifies herself as ‘The Narrator,’ her husband ‘The Manager’ and her two beautiful boys as ‘Squeaker’ and ‘Big Guy.’ I love it – what a lovely family!

My name is Teresa.

Who am I? Simply put, I am a wife, the mother of two beautiful boys, and a special education teacher. My life is uniquely tied to autism and children with disabilities since my oldest son has autism and I also happen to work with children with all sorts of disabilities, including autism. I’m hoping that what I write here will provide support, encouragement, and awareness of autism and those who have individuals in their families diagnosed with autism. From my perspective, a child’s diagnosis of autism does not necessitate devastating thoughts, nor does it negate a child’s potential. This blog will talk about our day-to-day achievements and struggles as a family in which one person happens to carry a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Occasionally, I may also talk about work, especially when it comes to how work life impacts home life. The message I hope to deliver, though, is a big one. We are, first and foremost, a family. We experience ups and downs like any other family. No matter what happens, though, we never lose sight of love and hope in our journey through this life.

Her blog is beautifully written, well researched and contains not just her personal experiences and thoughts, but useful information for children with learning difficulties and disabilities. She’s a member of lots of different blog networks and has a brilliant relationship with a whole community of bloggers. She’s also been extremely supportive of my posts…

Here are Teresa’s social media links:

Twitter: @EmbraceSpectrum

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EmbracingtheSpectrum

She post regularly on both and I find it really easy to follow her posts directly through Twitter, but there are lots of options available to you for your preferred social media outlet!

Please don’t leave comments on this post – go directly to hers and share the #bloglove!



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