Drawn To Life


I really enjoyed Helen’s post about getting back into the imaginary world when writing… I’ve almost finished her first book and it’s fabulous! Hop on over and say hi!

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'Alma saw she was near to a gap between two oak trees, beyond which she knew was a track that would take her to the end of the park and home.'

My posts might be a little bit Ambeth-centric this week. I’m immersing myself deep in the landscape, taking the path through the woods to the Gate and stepping between the trees…


Hills and Valleys is the third book in my Ambeth series. I’ve already written it and am now at the structural edit stage – however you’ll know, if you read the last book, that there are a few emotional paths I need to tread in the third instalment and so I’m keen to get them right. When I wrote the first three books, I really wasn’t doing much else in the way of writing. I didn’t have a blog, didn’t tweet, and my freelance work was a lot less regular than it is now. So my spare time was spend wandering the gardens of my imaginary world (a lot less creepy than it sounds) making it easier to focus…

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It’s Not Like That On YouTube!

imageRecently I have watched a number of inspirational videos on YouTube that have focused on random acts of kindness, particularly for the homeless. As well as reducing me to tears, they have served as reminder of how lucky I am in life, and while I try and do my best for others when I can by collecting for homeless shelters, raising money and giving to charity shops, I can always do more.

Over the last week the weather has changed, suddenly becoming bitterly cold with almost continuous rain and heavy winds. In my little town on the outskirts of Birmingham, I have seen several homeless men taking shelter in the doors or shops at night, and despite the fact that I haven’t got much money at the minute so I decided to try and do a little something for them when I could.

This is what happened: Continue reading

Nine Motivational Quotes to Get You Through Monday

It’s been a tough few days, so I thought I would share some of my favourite quotes to help get me through a dark, cold and dreary Monday… Simply click on the images to see them in full size.



I particularly like the Karen Lamb quote – this is something I often turn to when I am feeling low…

What about you guys? What is your favourite motivational quote that helps to get you through the day?


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The Diary of Roxy Collins – Long Distance Love #chicklit #comedy


I love BlondeWriteMore’s Roxy Collins series – here’s the latest instalment for you to check out. Please don’t like or comment on the reblog – hop on over to Lucy’s site and say hello… Totally worth your while!

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Welcome to my comedy blog series.

If you missed last week’s story please click here.


3. 23 P.M. Wake up with a jolt. Where am I?

Oh yes I am sat at my desk at work.

Wonder whether I have just discovered a new human skill – to sleep with eyes open in a busy office.

Wipe away dribble from corner of mouth, pop a peppermint to cure nap breath and look around to see if anyone noticed.

3.25 P.M. Check phone. No new texts from Dan, since he text me this morning – to say that he missed me.

I need to see his smiley face so I take a peek at his Facebook page. After sighing loudly I catch sight of a Facebook photo with him and a pretty woman with glasses and long dark hair.

Wonder whether he finds glasses attractive in a woman?

3.27 P.M.

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The Romance of Ghostbusters and McDonalds…

imageI was in the staffroom this morning when my friend Steve walked in to say hello. It was his final day at work as he and his lovely wife, Kirsty, have decided to move down to the coast to live the surfing dream that they have sought after for a long time. I’ve got to know them over the last few years and they’re an absolutely adorable couple… and they love cats as much as I do. Continue reading

Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Week 6 -Unused


Looking for a new photography challenge? The lovely Hugh is connecting with lots of bloggers via Instagram and sets a new theme every week – hop on over and check out his blog!

Originally posted on Hugh's Views & News:

My poached eggs seemed to cause a bit of a stir amongst some of you last week. Not only did I get lots of photos, especially of eggs, but lots of comments about what my poached eggs looked like.  That pleased me because it told me you are all having fun with these photo challenges.

This week’s photo challenge is centred around anything that is unused.  This teapot sits on our kitchen windowsill and is around eighty years old.  In our house we don’t tend to use teapots anymore, preferring instead to put a teabag into a mug, adding hot water and then squeezing the teabag on the side of the mug with a teaspoon.

Hugh's Photo Challenge - Unused

Does being unused mean being unloved?

The art of making a proper pot of tea seems to have disappeared.  I suppose it’s all down to time these days, but I do enjoy it when taking…

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Storm Barney

It’s been blustery for a few days now, but this evening it felt like the walls of my house were going to cave in as Storm Barney hit the West Midlands. Of course, I hope that everyone stays safe and damage is minimal, but I couldn’t help but smile when I heard the name as I immediately thought of this…


I’m going to have that song in my head now…

I’m a bad person.


(Yes, this is a cop out post for NaBloPoMo – I’ve got two rather large and detailed posts on the go at the minute that may take a few days so couldn’t face a third).

Don’t Give Up Your Day Job!

imageIt was a nice weekend…

I travelled up north to spend some time with my family – both my mother and I have birthdays in a few weeks so we had a joint celebration without our boyfriends and husband in tow.

As is the case whenever I go up to Manchester, it was cold, dark and rained solidly for the entirety of my visit, but that didn’t stop us from getting dressed up. Unfortunately, gridlocked traffic and the return of the Frankfurt market meant that we were extremely late getting to the restaurant, making my sister look like she had been stood up on a date, bless her, but we soon settled into the usual banter that often takes up the majority of our conversations. Continue reading

An Evening at Bohemian, Moseley

Bohemian Moseley

Those of you who follow the blog regularly will know that I like visiting new places, particularly if there are food and cocktails involved, so I was delighted when I was invited to the launch of the newly refurbished Bohemian Cocktail Bar + Kitchen in Moseley, during which I would be testing their new cocktail and food menu (I know, it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!).

I’d never been to Bohemian before, although I’ve heard many good things about it from friends, so I had no idea what to expect. However, the minute I walked in I received a warm welcome from the staff, and it was clear from the beautiful decor and atmosphere (combined with an awesome reggae playlist in the background) that it was going to be a good night! Continue reading