A Realisation…


I received the final wage slip from my school today.

Eight months ago, I made the decision that I needed a change. I handed in my resignation, started saving up and have been as frugal as possible in that time, but this morning as I opened the envelope I had quite a frightening realisation.

This is it. I’m on my own. Sh*t just got real.

The confidence I’ve been building up has withered a little – I know that I have steady work lined up, and if I’m very careful it will be enough to live on, but what if? What if it all goes wrong? What if the work dries up? What if I get to Christmas and find that I won’t be able to pay the rent?

It’s terrifying.

However, I’m taking solace from Jim Carrey of all people. In a recent speech he gave at Maharishi University in May, he told a story of his father, who ignored his dreams to be a comic and became an accountant, only to lose his job later on. And then he said something which I am going to hold close to me over the coming months:

I learned many great lessons from my father, not the least of which was that you can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.

That’s exactly what I’m doing, or at least what I’m trying to do. It may be the best decision I’ve ever made, or I could fall flat on my face.

And if I do, at least I’ll know that I took the chance.


Book Launch Blog Party: Theme BOOKS


Blog of the Day: It’s the launch of Luccia’s novel today, and to celebrate she is hosting a blog party! It promises to be a huge event, so hop on over with your favourite book/writing/novel post, share a link, grab a drink and meet lots of lovely new bloggers!

Originally posted on Rereading Jane Eyre :

Blog Party 28th August
It’s past midnight in Europe, where I live! It’s officially the launch day of my second novel, Twelfth Night at Eyre Hall, and to celebrate, I’ll be hosting my first Blog Party with the help and encouragement of Suzie Speaks!  Thank you Suzie! I would never have been so daring without your example and support!

I have never hosted a Blog Party before. I have looked at at a few, like Suzie’s, and searched on the Internet and I’ve discovered it’s basically a spot for bloggers to share their work on the same day and check out the work of others.

So, visitors post links from their own blogs and interact with other visitors by checking and commenting on their blogs, too. It all takes place on the hosting blog, in this case Rereading Jane Eyre.

The result is that visitors reach an audience they might not…

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Book Launch: Blog Party at Luccia Gray’s Tomorrow!


Book Launch Blog Party!

Many of you in the WordPress community will know the lovely Luccia Gray, and if you don’t then tomorrow will be a brilliant opportunity to hop on over and say hello!

In celebration of her second novel – Twelfth Night at Eyre Hall – Luccia is hosting a blog party that is promising to be of epic proportions tomorrow. And if that wasn’t enough, you are all invited to a Facebook Party too where there will be fun, games and prizes to be won!

For those of you who haven’t been to a blog party before, the idea is simple – copy the URL of a favourite recent post and leave it in the comment section of the hosts party post. When others leave theirs, go and read, comment, follow and enjoy! It’s a brilliant way to meet new people and boost your traffic!

The blog party will be going on all day, and the Facebook party will take place for TWO HOURS only, at 6pm UK time and 7pm Spain time. For the US: 10:00 am – PST / 11:00 am – MST / 12:00 noon – CST / 1:00 pm – EST

Those of you who have or are in the process of writing a novel will know the amount of work that goes into it, so get your favourite posts ready, put on your best ensemble, grab a drink and go and visit Luccia tomorrow! And while you’re there, check out her brand new novel!

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

What Happened When The Bloke Did My Makeup…

imageDespite having the general fashion sense of a teenage boy, I’ve recently developed a minor obsession with makeup. I’ve always worn it, and have an extensive collection of high street products, but my general makeup routine evolves around the basics. On rare occasions I’ll go all out for a night out, but it isn’t something I’ve ever really been concerned with. I totally blame N – she’s got an amazing sense of style and has talked about her favourite vloggers on numerous occasions, so a little while ago I decided to check out a post or two on YouTube. Continue reading

Arizona, New Mexico Part 2


I love photo journals, and this one of Lisa’s adventures in Arizona made me very jealous! Check it out!

Originally posted on Life of an El Paso Woman:


Hi everyone! I hope everyone had a good Monday! I’m definitely excited I don’t have to go to back to work until Thursday! This break/vacation was LONG overdue! Although I went on vacation to Florida last October, it was time for another one! My job causes me to get burned out after a few months go by.


We’re now in Lordsburg, New Mexico for tonight. After we left Phoenix, we went to Scottsdale to take a tour of world famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s home. It was an interesting and unique home to say the least.




When we got to Phoenix on Sunday, we drove around town. We ate at a local pizzeria downtown called Brick. We had a four cheese pepperoni pizza. We then drove to IKEA in Tempe. This was the first time I’ve ever gone. I liked a few things but not as much as I thought…

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The Happiness of Pursuit: A Lesson from Hector


Ask those around you what their ultimate goal or ambition is and most will inevitably give the same answer: to be happy.

It’s something that everyone seems to aim for, and yet, nobody can give a specific definition as to what happiness actually is, predominantly because it means something different to each individual. It can’t be measured or compared. I see endless amounts of blog posts about it on a daily basis – where to look for it, how to find it, lists of advice and projects to achieve it. Indeed, I’ve done a number of these sorts of posts myself. I also have no doubt that I could visit my local bookstore or go online and find thousands of books on the same thing. So many of us, myself included, are constantly reflecting on our existence and making a conscious effort to examine the levels of happiness we feel in a specific moment or a period of time in our lives. Continue reading

* Happy Birthday, Teachezwell!


Meet Katherine from Teachezwell! She’s not been able to blog much recently, but has just celebrated her one year blogiversary. I thought it would be a nice surprise for her to return to lots of lovely new readers and comments – hop on over and say hi!

Originally posted on Teachezwell Blog:

birthday-157999_640Happy birthday to my blog!  I started writing one year ago today!  It’s been a wonderful journey, mostly thanks to all the special bloggers in this unique internet ncihe.  My takeaways from the past year:

  • I am SO grateful that bloggers and others read my blog!  I have been MIA at times, like the past few difficult weeks, but my faithful friends continue to read.
  • enjoy reading and commenting on others’ blogs.  I follow a diverse group of folks and truly enjoy their insights, humor, candor, and kindness.  I look forward to catching up on all I’ve missed lately!
  • I thought I would write and read every day, but life happens.  I am always disappointed when I can’t do either.  Maybe I’ll get over that.  Maybe not.
  • I have written on more personal topics than I had anticipated.  I’ve enjoyed that, too!
  • I have learned not to write posts of 1,000 words

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Me, Myself and I #6


As a further opportunity to share a little about yourself and find out about your fellow bloggers, here is the sixth installment of ‘Me, Myself and I,’ a weekly collaboration I have started with the lovely Sare over at Diary of a Teachaholic. For further information about the link up, simply click here.

It’s Sare’s turn to ask the questions this week… Continue reading

Blog Party at Diary of a Teachaholic!



Looking for a party this weekend?

Look no further – Sare over at Diary of a Teachaholic is hosting a Blogging Ball at her place today. I love a good party, and it will be a great opportunity for you to meet new people across the blogosphere – hop on over, leave a link or three and enjoy!