How to Create Blog Posts That Remain Relevant Over Time

imageOf my Top Ten most viewed posts in 2015, six of them were posted in the eighteen months before.

This could mean that a large amount of what I created last year was rubbish. Or, (as I like to put a positive slant on things), it could be because these six particular posts remain relevant to an audience regardless of time.

Suzie Speaks has never had a niche – I write about what I feel like, whenever the urge takes hold, and over the last two-and-a-half years I have amassed hundreds of posts that range from my daily experiences, reviews and thoughts, to listicles, ‘How To’s’ and photography.

It is generally the listicles – a list of things on one particular topic – personal stories and How To’s that have proven to be the most popular as time has progressed, and I regularly see posts on Pinterest (my new favourite place on social media) that have been published several years ago that are still being repinned because of their continuing relevance.

For example:

23 Things You Should Do Before You’re 23 was written in 2014 in response to an infuriating article that went viral. At the time of publishing I received a good response, but over several months I noticed that, while the number of views were lower than they were initially, the post would frequently appear in my daily stats without any promotion. Sometimes there would is a spike, where someone has obviously recently read it and shared it on their social media, but as you can see from the stats table it generally remains at a constant of ten to twenty views a day.


This may not seem like much, but check out the total for 2015: a post that received little promotion (aside from the occasional share on Twitter), was viewed over 6,000 times, which is almost the same as when it was first published.

Nine Things We Don’t Owe Anybody was also written in 2014, when I got on my proverbial hig-horse after being treated particularly badly by a friend at the time. While it isn’t as popular as 23 Things, it still, even to this day, consistently bubbles under the surface in my stats and is generally viewed at least five to ten times a day. The result?


It was seen over 3,000 times in 2015.

The Tale of a Sociopath was a very different post – sharing my personal experiences of a previous relationship with a sociopathic ex-boyfriend. I found writing the post to be therapeutic in itself, and was absolutely delighted when I received a great response from people who had experienced similar things, which made me realise that I wasn’t alone. It was shared on StumbleUpon at the end of 2014 and my number of views rocketed. However, what I didn’t expect was that, while the views would drop dramatically, the post would continue to be read and shared daily, again with little promotion.


Check out the views in 2015 – it was seen over 3000 times in 2015.

These are just three of six or seven posts that regularly draw in new readers and boost my daily views, collectively making up 12,915 views of my 2015 stats. Indeed, my six consistently popular posts make up 18,232 views of last year, again with little to no promotion and/or effort. Of course, this is small-fry compared to the popular bloggers that I see out there, but every little helps!

Here are some post ideas to make sure your blog stay relevant over time to a potential audience:

How To’s: When I don’t know how to do something, I will often turn to Pinterest for help. Recipes, DIY, crafts, make-up tutorials, interior design ideas… Anything creative with simple instructions that are easy to follow will always encourage me to give something a try myself, bookmark the post and may keep me coming back for more!

Blogging Advice: There are no rights or wrongs in the blogging world, and most of what I have learnt has been through trial and error, so I like to share ideas of what has been successful for me. These come into the How To category, but new bloggers will find these sort of articles particularly useful if they are starting out.

Listicles: Witty observations and lists of ideas are often popular because they condense information into what appears to be a more manageable read, rather than in the form of a 2,000 word essay. These ideas are often broken up with images to make it easier on the eye. Love them or loathe them, they’re one of the most popular types of articles – Buzzfeed listicles are viewed millions of times.

Past Personal Experiences: Of course, some may feel uncomfortable about this, but I often view these sorts of posts (as well as being incredible cathartic) in the same way as I would the How To, but for human behaviour and emotion. When various situations have appeared in life, I have googled ‘how do I deal with…’ and have had some fantastic advice from posts on similar topics.

Reviews: I have recently developed an unexpected obsession with hair and beauty based products (I know, I wouldn’t have expected that six months ago either) and have turned to YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest for reviews on the best and worst products available on the markets based on the opinions of established and respected beauty bloggers. Similarly, I do restaurant reviews of my own in Birmingham and regularly receive views on these posts through search engines.

Posts Relevant to a Specific Day or Time: At the end of last year I posted a series of motivational quotes to help with the Monday Blues. I now find that on Mondays the post becomes relevant again and I can share it across my social media. (Note: be careful not to do this too much or you may drive away a potential audience). Similarly my Christmas and Halloween themed posts can be shared again at those times of the year.

What about you guys? Do you have posts that are regularly viewed months, or even years after they were written?

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39 thoughts on “How to Create Blog Posts That Remain Relevant Over Time

  1. Your numbers are very impressive, but that’s because your blog is good and interesting. I have less than a year’s experience blogging, but I’ve noticed that some posts appear in the stats time and again. Those with a Jane Austen connection I can understand, but I’m slightly worried by the number of people who seem to share my obsession with the Black Death.

      • It’s the variety. Sometimes I learn something; sometimes you make me think about something that I wouldn’t otherwise have thought about; and sometimes you make me think a bit more about something I’m already thinking about. I’ll confess, though, that I don’t read them all. I tend to skip over the reviews, as Birmingham’s a long way away.

      • That’s ok – and that’s a really nice comment thank you! I meant what do you find interesting about the plague though because I was teaching it and it’s fascinating haha!

      • My brain obviously switched off there. It’s not so much the Black Death that’s interesting, but what people were doing during it and after it. How did people behave when they thought the end of the world was coming? How did they cope with losing more than half the people they’d grown up with? How did they continue to work and have a community when people could just die at any moment?

  2. You’ve got a fab blog so it’s no wonder these are still popular. But “evergreen” pieces are always good. In print they look for them too but, obviously, online they’ll be revisited. I don’t write how to’s, lists, or advice. Maybe I should try my hand at one…

    It’s nice to know a wonderful blogger like you doesn’t have a niche, because I struggle with that (as do many others). 💕

      • Sounds great except… After I commented, I realized I don’t know “how to” do anything, wouldn’t know what to give “advice” on, and can’t think of what I’d “list”. So. Huh. Those might be out for me. 😊 I’ll read them from the pros, like you.

  3. I love doing my awkward holiday photo posts and they are always popular at the relevant times. It’s almost time for the Valentines awkwardness photos. Yay a!

  4. I’ve also how many of your posts come around – and around and around. You’re broaching subjects that touch everyone, giving people a chance to say something about a topic that’s on their minds.

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  6. My blogging articles are popular, but most popular is specific to writing in the history-social science classroom. None have reached the heights of your posts, though. Good work. 🙂

  7. I’ve only been here two years and was not surprised to not see any of my posts from 2014 not appear in my top 10 posts of 2015. Sometimes, I think the title of the post also helps with those hits so I’m now trying to think of blog post titles that many get picked up easily on search engines.
    Keep up the great work, Suzie.

  8. Every so often someone dips back into my archives, which is always a nice thing to see. I agree with your comment about lists – they do seem to go very well. I should probably try and write one and see 🙂 My stats are pretty minimal, especially compared to yours, but I think the key is to keep writing and stay true to yourself, then your audience will find you.

  9. Yep like you I have a handful of posts that get viewed thousands of times a year and were written donkeys ago. It’s sort of satisfying and annoying all at the same time!!

  10. Wonderful, Suzie. You are obviously a blogging master. My stats are way lower but I’m still connecting big time, which I love. Generally I find that my travels with photos attract the most views. An interesting post, look forward to sharing the journey.

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